Wear A Condom

This is serious.

There is a high aids scare in the country. Survey revealed a significant rise in the prevalence rate of HIV among men and women having unprotected sex. Recent news reported that Gensan’s last count was 21. The country? It now has over 900 cases but in 2007, it was only 280. Scary, right? But hey, I am not a victim.; just building an awareness.

How does one get HIV?

I read in positivism.ph, HIV is primarily found in the blood, semen, breast milk or vaginal fluid of an infected person. HIV is transmitted through these bodily fluids in 3 main ways:

1. Having sex without a condom with someone infected with HIV.
2. Sharing needles and syringes with someone infected with HIV.
3. As a fetus or infant, being exposed to HIV before or during birth or through breastfeeding.

But the virus is not transmitted through day-to-day activities such as shaking hands, hugging, or a casual kiss.

Meanwhile, here’s a video for everybody to think about (and laugh). I know this is worth-sharing. Enjoy. Be safe. Spread the awareness, not the virus!

P.S. According to wikipedia, The majority (70-75%) of carriers in Philippines are male, 25-39, and the predominant mode of transmission is through sexual intercourse. 43% are male-female the remaining fraction is for male-male sex. Yehey! I did not belong to the majority. Be safe always!


eric said...

yes, this situation is too serious and should be given attention. be safe.

Anonymous said...

buti nalang lagi akong may baon.

Aethen said...

@kuri - dotted ba? haha. ingat parati.

@eric - thanks bro. spread the awareness.

PetiBurges said...

@ aethen, at ang latest aids survey, mas maraming call center agents ang identified positive. it's like 4% daw this year.

@ kuri, baon pa, eh monogamous naman.

better safe than sorry.

PetiBurges said...

@ aethen, at ang latest aids survey, mas maraming call center agents ang identified positive. it's like 4% daw this year.

@ kuri, baon pa, eh monogamous naman.

better safe than sorry.

Aethen said...

@PetiBurges - naku, dapat iwas-iwas ang contact with call center agents. haha. kidding. 4% is a big number ha. sigh. be safe!

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Anonymous said...

thanks for reposting my post, mark.

but i have to point out something which i got from this blog: http://backinthecloset.blogspot.com/2010/01/tv-patrolled.html.

and i quote mr. blogger, "No need to point out which careers or professions have been trendily diagnosed with HIV. It’s an unfair and useless generalization, because anyone of any profession who takes the risk should get tested. Could it just be that it is people from these professions who are smart enough to get tested? You should worry that such sweeping generalizations will give people a false sense of security to think, “Ah, I’m not a call center agent, so I probably don’t have HIV.” Again, HIV has absolutely no respect for age, gender, sexual orientation, social class, education, or profession. A risk is a risk. Just go get tested."

napansin ko kasi this part of the picture runs in the comments here.

Aethen said...

@beans (ofpuffsandshots)

Yeah, spread the awareness, not the virus.

Re: comment on cca. I was kidding when I posted that. We all know (if not all maybe some)that illness is on the individual level and should not be judged on a collective level.

There is no intent offense to call center agents when I posted the comment above.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for spreading awareness and accurate information about the virus :-)

Your HIV positive friendship---ERIC

Aethen said...

Get well and stay healthy, Eric.

Thanks for spreading the awareness too. Apir!

Toilet Thoughts said...

I love the video. astig.

This is cool of you. keep it up. :P

Flow Galindez said...

Actually aside from wearing condom the challenge here is how you became responsible and aware toward the issue of AIDS. We all agree that casual sex is rampant but why taking the risk if the 20 minute of pleasure may bring your whole life of regret. But a reminder after being aware of this concerns wag din sana nating i-discriminate ang mga taong may AIDS, lets understand them na tao sila kagaya natin. I dedicated a section on my blog on updates on the issue of AIDS http://www.angsawariko.com/search/label/aids tulad ninyo hindi man ako isa sa mga mayroon nito ay naroon pa rin ang concerns ko para sa mga biktima at ang responsibilidad na makiisa sa awareness campaign. great post Aethen

dencios said...

ingat lang talaga dapat lalo kung casual sex.

at syempre pinaka mahalag ay be loyal sa partner



i agree with dencios. be loyal to your partner.

Aethen said...

@Toilet Thoughts (a.k.a. Jeff)

I got the video from beans' blog. naaliw din nga ako sa video na yan. but it's serious that we need to protect ourselves from the virus.

Keep safe bro.

Aethen said...
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Aethen said...

@Flow Galindez

Flowell! Long time no hear from you ah. Yeah. Just advocating this cause. Threatening kasi ang number of aids rate in the Country.

Yeah, we should not make iwas of those who have the virus (those who are affected). We should understand and care for them instead.

Spread the awareness! Not the virus!

Aethen said...


Yeah! Be loyal to your partner! Be safe always, dens. behave din. haha.

Aethen said...

@beans. Loyalty is discipline. Can be learned. Sigh.

Nate Marx said...

Its our own prerogative to bring packets of condom every now and then. Don't put in your wallet coz it may tear.

Though mas gusto ng mga babae na walang condom, just be wise enough... You already know the consequences of unprotected sex...

/iambrew said...

abt the video - i thought sad video yun. wawa naman si junjun. buti na lang happy in the end pa rin pala.

i agree with ofpuffsandshorts. we should not generalize. malay mo naman call center people (which I was once a part of) are the only ones brave enough to get tested.

i like this post. nakakatakot peo it is the reality and i something noone should joke about.

Aethen said...

Yeah, we are not generalizing about call center people on this issue. Maybe PetiBurges got his story about them on this article: http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/286683

Thanks brew. *apir*

Ronald said...

okie! last week just had collected my blood for HIV test then the result was negative! so happy!safe sex!

Ronald said...
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olan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
olan said...

D-ifinitely the

sagot laban sa AIDS/HIV problem!

Aethen said...


Good that you and your partner are negative for HIV. Be safe always guys.

Aethen said...

@Kuya Olan

E-xactly the
S-afest ;)

Apir, Kuya Olan!

Anonymous said...

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Chingoy said...

parang unfair naman sa mga call center agents ang gayang label... tsk tsk tsk

Aethen said...

Chingoy! We are not labeling call center people that way. the article just have that statistics about the issue.

Again, we all know (if not all maybe some)that illness is on the individual level and should not be judged on a collective level.

Ton -Ton said...

In a same sex scenario, should the parties be using condoms also? Like for Male-Male relationship, condom ba? What's your stand?

Aethen said...

Hey Ton-ton!

Yes, I think they should use condom still for protection - that is if there is penetration. Pero like anyone else, abstinence is the safest way to avoid the virus ;)

James Arnold Nogra said...

sounds scary... ahehehehehe but the best way to avoid the virus without abstinence is to use a condom... ahehehehe

Comment by: The Rookie Blogger

devon said...

Abstinence nga, lalo na ngayon magho-holy week na. LOL.

iamronel said...

opo ga2mit po..hihih ung may flavor baga..lol btw very informative post po :)

Joan said...

hahahha the video was funny... But thanks for postin, only a few people are actually payin attention to things like this

Aethen said...

Iamronel - thanks. help me spread this little campaign about hiv. thanks again.

Aethen said...

hi Joan! Thanks for visiting my blog. Help me make this post viral. Let us be safe :D

Anonymous said...

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