life is getting exciting

I just wan't to include this picture. Nothing to do with my post.

I realized that if a man breathe in all his visions and exhale them as actions, everything becomes possible well maybe except doing those things in the limit of human boundaries to execute. Now that I am breathing what I thought I needed to survive, procedures must be performed admirably.

Often, people decide if they are to live their life as a dream or make it a reality but I chose both. Live your dream in reality – with this direction, you’ll appreciate life more. Once you recognize the value of it, happiness would just come.

I thought of these because of people I see walking the same path each day back at the streets and also of hearing their stories of happiness and struggles and sacrifices. Some made change, some are content, and some has nothing.

Bottomline of this awareness is that life could be lived the way you wanted it to be. Just not make it complicated. Breathe in your capacity to live and exhale life as happiness.

P.s. I posted this blog for a friend who is in the hairline of insanity and who texted me the other night that he needs someone to talk because he had hard times understanding himself. I hope he gets well.


Though time is constant, it really escapes so fast. See, it is already December and you know what is significant in this month – It’s Christmas! So before I fail to remember it thoughtI did not stop thinking about it, I want to greet you all,


Aside from being full-time in work and graduate school, last weekend I have a lot of activities – I call it extra-curricular.

Last Friday, I received my first official paycheck. I was very happy about the compensation though I think it is too much for the work load I have had. I hope John (teammate in the consulting department) would not able to read this (hehe).

I am planning to save the money as capital to my plans. :D

Saturday night, I and my TOSP friends went to the Embassy at high street as guests of Stephen Co. Well, we just had a party and “clean” fun there. There I learned how to choreograph my own dance with the beat. Haha. I tell you, the place after all is not exclusive as what I thought. Cool. I went home 6am the following day because we extended the party outside after 3am.

I just took a nap for 2 hours after I reach home and by 12pm, Jehzeel Laurente texted and reminded me about the 2pm Mensa IQ test challenge at Fullybooked in Boni high street. Hey, I been there few hours ago and I have not yet recovered, I texted back to him. I forgot that the exam is on that date, I then hurried and bathed. I don’t know if I was ready for the exam and if I was conditioned but then since it is a challenge then fight.

The exam was a piece of cake, it’s purely abstract and analogy but I am not confident if I’ll pass within 98% percentile. The result will be released after two weeks the date of exam. God bless.

After the exam, I met Ate Sandra, my mentor in college and a close friend from Mindanao who was here yesterday because she attended a Congress of leaders in Subic. We had the whole afternoon and night meeting also other friends from Ateneo. Mall. Snack. Play. Dinner. Mature Chat about career, love, life, and advocacy (I really love to be with them; I learnt a lot from them). Fun. Fun. Fun. And more fun.

Good thing, because Monday was holiday. Weekend is extended. Yesterday, I transferred to Cubao for the reason of accessibility of workplace and school and for less hassle and stress. Yale, Cubao would be an ideal midpoint place between Libis and Diliman.

After the transfer, I went to the mall to buy a Superbrands awardee since 2005 asahi electric fan and uratec single foam-covered bed. I bought also new tees and goodies. Hey, I am living a budgeted life; don’t think that I have more, only enough.

I also paid monthly dues; one of the disadvantages of being a professional/graduate student.

So in short, Paycheck + expenses = 0.



Anonymous said...

wish you all the best in life, mark.

Jehzeel Laurente said...

weeeeeeeeee! basta tandaan ang sabi ni Jolibee.. kaya mo yan kid! :)

Aethen said...

Hahaha. Tapos sabayan mo pa ng Coke ad, araw-araw mag-smile.

Ayan magiging maganda na buhay mo agad. :D

Bayaran kaya tayo nito ng Jolibee at Coke sa pag-mention sa kanila? Haha.

Aethen said...

@Anonymous - salamat ulit. tapos magpakilala ka naman. excited na ako na makilala ka. hehe. :D

Jehzeel Laurente said...

@aethen cguro :D hehe

Fjordan Allego said...

wow! inspirational hehehe.. at hindi rin sobrang busy ang sched mo ano? dami mo talagang pinagkakaablahan..


Millionaire Acts said...

Hi Aethen, makasali nga sa mga network niyo. Hehe. Sayang hindi ko alam yang IQ Test na yan. Gusto ko rin sana maka-attend.

Aethen said...

@jehzeel - hahaha. sana nga bayaran tayo. pasko na dapat masaya. pero money != masaya ibig kong sabihin ha. :P

Aethen said...

@fjordz - inspirational ba? salamat at na-inspire ka. hehe.

ang dami ko ngang free time eh. sa dami ng oras hindi na nga ako makatulog. huhu. pero importante masaya tayo sa ginagawa natin.

ayo-ayo, fjordz!

Aethen said...

Hi, millionaire!

una, salamat sa pagbisita sa aking mundo. welcome to the network, community rather. hehe.

yong IQ test ay para sa membership ng MENSA Philippines. cge sasabihan kita pag-nag IQ test challenge sila uli. :D

ayel said...

soar higher and higher! pero take care of yourself ha. malulungkot ang marbel if something happens to one of it's hopes.

Aethen said...

napa-iyak naman ako sa message mo ayel. sige aalagaan ko sarili ko ng mabuti. salamat sa lahat. mapa-smile ako sa comment mo.


Abou said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Abou said...

you're getting there parekoy, wherever that be...

Aethen said...

sana ang wherever that be na yan parekoy ay magandang patutunguhan. :P


quincyjohn said...

sarap basahin ng mga nangyayari sayo pare!

ha3 may embassy experience ka pa ha.

quincyjohn said...

natural lang yan.
linear path xe ang employment.
income is liquid, it flows till it empties. unless you always fill the buckets getting ready for the possible end of the flow.

yaka yan.

-statement galing sa baon sa utang at magisa sa bahay - pumayat.

Aethen said...

masmasarap ako. hahaha. (kidding) kapagod kayo ng ganyang sked. hindi yon masarap pare!

na-invite lng, sumama naman ako sa embassy para ma-experience. saya pero hindi na ako babalik doon. basta...

Aethen said...

Employment is a linear path? I don't 100% agree. :D

remember what you wanted to be as a kid, what your parents want for you or what you chose as a young adult may not coincide with what you want now. Very rarely in reality does ones career follow a linear path. There will be forks in the road and sometimes youll have to backtrack. In fact, sometimes youll make a complete U-turn.

but I agree, money or income is liquid. I recommend that each one of us must have a sponge. hehe

yes, we can.

-sabi nga ni Obama. :P

quincyjohn said...

masarap pa rin yan pagdating ng panahon.
sweetest struggles got the sweetest rewards.
anway, depende pa rin sa perspective mo.

what i meant was yung flow of money sa employment type of generating income. once you get a hold of the paycheck xe, ang mapupuntahan nyan the same sa previous paycheck mo. ibig kong sabihin yung various type of expenditures like for example, electricity, water, bhouse, and other monthly bills na kailangan mong bagsakan ng pambayad galing sa wage mo.

i didn't mean the career path. hehehehe

i agree with what you said, there will always be forks in the road and we should backtrack. it's happening to me right now.

Aethen said...

tama, pare. I thought of a different context kasi about employment eh.

yep, i got your point. but also we can source in extra income from other means so that it will not balance with various type of expenditures thus saving.

sorry wrong argument. :P

payo lng pare if you are experiencing career backtracking or making a u-turn, make is sure that you know your direction and keep your vision.

Josh of Arabia said...

hi aethen, txs for giving me a buzz bro, i was quite super bz finishing my deadlines before i could go home for a much needed holiday..

yah, i wil surely see u in manila, i got ur no. anyway..i live somewhere in marikina so we're too close, il b home by dec 12..keep me posted bro.

and keep up too such raw, truthful and humane insights of yours - ur not just inspiring others, ur giving life! :)


Aethen said...

I hope you'll settle and meet all your deadlines, kuya. I am sure you family misses you very much. Wish you a happy holiday here sa Pinas!

hey, you'll be here on Dec12? That's cool. see you then. don't forget my pasalubong ha. hehe. take care. btw, I will go home also on dec28 in Mindanao, will spend new year there.

thanks, kuya. :P

Aice Nice Concepts said...

wow so much inspiration naman dito sa post mo its like you're inspired (^_^) ahihih

musta na mark ?

take care

aethen said...

thanks aice. yeah, just like always.

still keeping rhythm with time.

you take care too.

the donG said...

the real world is really exciting. lots of challenges yet if you're the type of person who enjoy challenges, you'll definitely find it exciting. sad for those people cannot handle adversity in life. they find life boring.

congratulations sa una mong sweldo!

merry christmas na rin in advance.

http://www.sextra-dtc.com/ said...

hello friend :)

Aethen said...

yes, the real world is really really exciting. it keeps me alive and motivate to wake up everyday. also, Challenges make our life exciting and fun if you are enjoying it.

well, maybe kuya dong, life is just a matter of perspective.

you'll enjoy it if you see it that way.

I hope I can save for the rainy season a part of my sweldo. :D

Merry christmas din in advance. xmas gift ko ha!

Aethen said...

@http://www.sextra-dtc.com/- hi! Thanks for visiting my site. :D

Meryl said...

Ang gandang outlook ha. Breathe in your visions and exhale them as actions. Wow.

Keep it up! :)

Aethen said...

@Meryl - yeah, that's appropriate perspective for me now. just exhale and inhale that way.

quincyjohn said...

its ok dude.

yah, that's why i'm dying to have sidelines. hehe

yah, i do. thanks.

sabi nga ng kaibigan ko "good problem" yan, "adventure".

hehe i hope she's right.

pinaka importante sabi niya, "pray for it"


Aethen said...

pray for it and have faith - much stronger pare. :D