the chosen children of newton

The Chosen Children of Newton (In Lake Sebu, South Cotabato)

Time passes so quickly that I could hardly believe that my high school reunion is now knocking at my door step. Waw! Images of my mind swiftly comes remembering the good old days, my first love, first kiss, crushes, junior and seniors prom, long exams, competitions, the parties, and so many things that I have learned from high school days whether good or bad. But for myself, high school life is really the best, from innocence of adolescent, the attraction of the opposite sex, the discovering and awakening. So many beautiful memories that made your life more colorful and worth remembering. As the reunion day comes in Lake Sebu; I was so happy meeting all my high school classmates, the looks of maturity of their faces cannot be denied, we immense our self talking and reminiscing our high school life while eating, palying hip-hip hurray, endless videoke sessions, and drinking. But somehow we cannot deny the fact that each and everyone are so proud of their achievements and is now one of the most interesting chapters of their book of life sharing it here and there. Sadly, some of those who are not lucky enough to achieve their ambitions or dreams in life are just listening and smiling; maybe they are just keeping pace with time. I know some of my classmate did not attend the reunion, maybe because they are "busy", due to early marriages and financial difficulties. To sum it all, the reunion was indeed a great success and I’m surely looking forward for the next. Till then chosen children of Newton!

the Geeks met again (From left: topher, the salutatorian, CPA, and aethen)

Happy New Year to all!


Spiderman said...

While reading your post, I miss my high school mates. Struggles and discoveries were there and presented and so thankful with those because it always makes me what I am today.

Happy New Year!

I am JT said...

Ah, high school. Those were good times... My official "10 years after" reunion is due in 3 years (2011). I estimate yours would be in 2014.

Happy New Year!

Lawstude said...

the best yung reunion nyo kasi the best din yung place. ang ganda jan.

anyways, happy new year my friend and i really enjoyed and appreciated the returns and visits to each others' blogs in 2008. cheers for more in 2009!!!

wilfred said...

kagwapa kay atty cha! =)) lols..

kadlaw ko ah, samon lima lang nagsipot. funny.

nwei, happy holidays!

Aethen said...

@Spiderman - ako man si Superman. Yes, it's true, our experiences from the past makes us.

Happy New Year!

Aethen said...

@John Tan - Yes, it will be on 2014, John.

Aethen said...

@LawStude - Kuya, the best ang Lake Sebu. The place now is more developed and amazing. Truly, the nature blends with you there.

More of you in 2009, kuya!

Happy New Year!

Aethen said...

@wilfred - Oo kagwapa na gid si Charlen, tas maging atty pa gd sya after few years. Sa vacation house gali nila sa Lake Sebu kami nag reunion. Sadya.

Gamay lang gani kami nag-attend, 15 lang pero naga-expect kami na more than half. hay buhay pero sadya.

Manigong bagong taon!

lucas said...

it's very uncomfortable to attend reunions especially when you're not as accomplished as the rest but i guess if a friendship is true and binding, status won't matter :)

we had our HS reunion last week and it was a blast... nakakamiss ang mga youthful memories :)

Meryl said...

Wow reunions. Mukhang madami pa kayo ah. As time goes by pakonti ng pakonti na ang aattend n'yan. Nakakamiss ang high school. :)

Aethen said...

@lucas - yeah, it's true that status or what and where you have had been and done is not important. keeping in touch and updating each other in spirit of friendship binds true essence of the get-together parties in hs or any social groups. It's very health to keep in connection with friends and classmates for support and continued professional and social relationship.

Nakakamiss sobra. Always just have fun and enjoy the moment of remembering your youthful and fun days in hs.

Happy new year, lucas!

Aethen said...

Meryl, supposedly marami dapat kami kasi tinaman at conflict sa sked ng ibang kaklase. sayang nga eh. In our batch, the bonding is strong.

Hopefully marami ang aattend ng reunion namin sa 2014. :D

Hapi new year!

the donG said...

sarap nga mag reunion. ako taon taon na akong hindi nakaka attend ng reunion.

buti na lang namimeet ko pa ibang mga barkada dito.

happy new year aethen!

aethen said...

Drama ko nga next year, see you when I see you nalang. Hehe.

Happy New year, kuya dong!

Lionheart : Richard the Adventurer said...

Naks Aethen!

Happy New Year!

New Year! New Life for all of Us!

Aethen said...

Happy New Year din Chard! Balita ko nagkita kayo ni kuya AJ! :D