the wordcamp in philippines

Last Saturday marked a record in blogging history in the Philippines this year as the first WordCamp in the Southeast Asia and was hosted by the Mindanao bloggers. On that date, WordPress users and soon-to-be users, developers and advocates gathered to camp at De La Salle – College of St. Benilde, Manila.

The event served as a venue for socializing with other WordPress users, sharing, networking and learning more about WordPress and its future.

About 300 bloggers attended the event (also blogger-platform bloggers were there to compare and learn WordPress). There were many interesting WordPress and blogging topics divided in different sessions and schedule to accommodate campers and to fit the time in schedule.

The morning sessions were breakaway ones, campers has options to attend in the sessions they were interested whether they were developers or users.My first session was Blogging 102 by Jayvee Fernandez. I really did not intend to attend in his session, I was just not sure to where and what room will I enter for my chosen topics. And also because I was kinda rushing when I came to the venue because I was late for an hour and the program and first sessions has started. Yes, I was late again and that was the best of me. But I still caught a great art of Jayvee’s talk which was very detailed. And Also thank you to Shari who ushered me to the session room. After Jayvee’s talk which ended early that the other concurrent sessions, I was still able to listen to Gail Villanueva’s Creating WordPress Themes & CSS Power talk though it was too late.

I entered to Blogie’s Building A Blogging Community talk (2nd session) wherein the Mindanaobloggers.com’s success was highlighted in building a community online as example.

Haggard Aethen with Hans Koch after his talk on WordPress and SEO

WordPress & SEO
lecture by Hans Koch was my third session. Do I need to state what was discussed in the talk with that title?

Everything was fast but informative, effective, and organized well.

A sponsored lunch by Chowking was served to all registered campers who attended the event. And unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend in the afternoon sessions because I have my (graduate school ) class in UP Diliman.

Yes, I missed Mr. WordPress himself, Matt Mullenweg’s talk and experience. Though I don’t have yet an official WordPress blog/site, my appreciation of this event is very high and maybe will be migrating to WP.

And oh, an after-camp party follows at mag:net cafĂ© in Serendra, The Fort. I haven’t attended it too because I was too tired from school.

Thanks to Jehzlau for receiving my loot bag in the camp and for the cash advance. The latter is not included.


Jehzeel Laurente said...

yay! thanks for the link back! dapat kasi umabsent ka nalang para buong araw ka sa WC :D

Aethen said...

Haha. Good luck naman oral report ko that afternoon. mabuti nga at naka-attend ako sa morning sessions kahit late. Salamat ulit. :P

janettetoral.com said...

Thanks for sharing what happened to there. I look forward in watching the session videos soon.

Abou said...

a, yun pala ang ikinahina at ikinapagod mo nung gabing yun, akala ko kung ano na ha ha ha

it's a good thing u guys have that wordcamp thing going in the cities. while us here have to grope and learn everything on our own he he

dazedblu* said...

nice you had a blast there XD

Aethen said...

@ Ma'am Janette Toral - I didn't see you there, ma'am janette. I am expecting you to be there. :) Anyway, the camp was awesome.

Aethen said...

@abou - obrang napagod ako that day. Hay, bakit ano ba ang inisip mo nun gabing yon? Haha.

Hey, the WC was just one venue for learning and gathering of wordpress users and developers but before that like you the campers grope and learn on their own. :)

Anonymous said...

oh my! were you there? i hope i could have met you in person...

Aethen said...

@dazedbu - yeah, it was a blast.

Aethen said...

@rowjie - Yes, i was there but morning only. See on the next events.

Aice Nice Concepts said...

ako may post tungkol sa WordCamp (^_^)
dito sa
un wordpress ko na blog (^_^)

the donG said...

good for you. i was not able to attend because of busy schedule plus im not a wordpress user.

seems like you really learned a lot from it.

RONeiluke, RN said...

woah!! that was bloody brilliant! so for wordpress users lang ba yan? hmmm... sana makapunta din ako dyan sa mga ganyang functions...

sho said...

looks like u filipino bloggers have quite a happening blogging scene!
linked u

bariles said...

Mark, ma-konsentreyt na ta subong sa atun nga MBS 2 ha?

Indi gid ta pakaulaw sa mga bisitors natun.

Pag-email sa akun kag pag-text back ha?

Ayo-ayo da!

Lawstude said...

galing naman. wala bang blogspot users conference sa susunod? lols.

Aethen said...

@Aice Nice Concepts - Cool that you also have a pre-Camp there in Davao. Kamusta nlng sa mga bloggers dyan.

@donG - Kuya Dong, the Camp was open for all bloggers regardless if they are WP or blogger users.

Aethen said...

@RONeiluke, RN - Yehey! It was bloody fun too. Read my reply to dong's comment (above). Hey, you may attend to any blogger events. Cge invite kita pag may mga events.

@sho - Nah, we are just exploring and enjoying all the possibilities in blogging. Since it is a growing industry, we are maximizing its market.

Aethen said...

@bariles - hehehe. Cge. cge. I'll try to get some sponsorship din d2. intensify na natin ang prmotion.

@Lawstude - meron yatang blogger users camp pero I don't know if there will be one here in Philippines. Organize tayO?

Zia said...

Good words.

Development Catalyst said...

You really rocked this blog article. Good post.

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