the luxurious predicament

Hey, guys! I’m back.

The soon-to-be SSEAYP experience was dropped. I had withdrawn the ticket that entitles me to cruise with the Nippon ship for two months to all south East Asian countries. It was a tough decision that I made. I was only given 30 minutes to decide to where I’ll attend – TOSP formation or SSEAYP Pre-departure training which were scheduled on the same dates.

Thirty minutes that time seems to be a reflective moment for me, discerning what is best and what my heart is beating. I was holding on the phone talking to two parties, trying to arrange my schedules but it seems that both were not negotiable.

I’ve solicited wise opinions and suggestions from some emphatic people in the formation, some of them were delegates of SSEAYP the past years. It was heart-breaking and distressing to choose between the two opportunities at hand that is too luxurious and rare but need only to select one, need to weigh the best and go for it without regrets.

In those thirty minutes of discernment, I finally decided to withdraw my slot for representing the youth in that program. It was difficult but was content because it tested my sense of judgment.

I want to thank those who helped me to decide on this matter. Quincy John Tampo, a friend, was right when he sent me this message.

Pray for it pare.
As what the text message you sent me says,

Life has great options, but you don't always have to pick what seems to be the best. Sometimes, the best and the perfect aren't always what make you happy.Who knows, after those TOSP activities and your graduate studies you can hop over the whole world and not just Southeast Asian countries.

Isn’t it?

Yep, pare! I’m happy that I made that decision with no qualms in my heart.

And unexpectedly, on the day of awarding of the TOSP, a 03:13am text message from an alumnus of SSEAYP who happened to visit my blog and read my post, how to be insomniac… was sent to me.

The text reads,
Hey, Aethen!
Are you attending the SSEAYP Pre-departure training in tagaytay? I hope so. I’m Alden of the 34th batch. Just read your blog now. Congratulations on your selection. Dude, you may not understand this just yet but please, oh please, choose SSEAYP over anything else! You’ll thank me for this unsolicited advice when you come back. 3:13 17-July-2008

I just smiled and thank God for I feel no regrets.


Jehzeel Laurente said...

sayang yung SSEAYP.. hehehe. pero ok parin... astig naman ang TOSP experience.. sayang no? Sana hindi sabay, at sana wala kang masteral.. waaaaaa!

sana may SSEAYP ulit after ng Master's Degree mo :D hehe

Aethen said...

Oo nga... pero next year pwde pa naman ako mag-apply for SSEAYP. Sana makapasa ulit.

Salamat sa pag-attend ng awarding kuya ha. :)

cielo said...

hi bunso, the title of the post is really apt "the luxurious predicament".

Whatever your decision might be, may God guide you all the way...

Continue to inspire other youth, I am encouraging my teen daughters, nieces and nephews to read your blog...

Keep it up bro...

Re: the outreach, we are still conceptualizing it with my friends...our last one is in Hospicio, we are still scouting for the next project...i'll kepp you posted... other bloggers are also willing to join in

Spiderman said...

hahaha! That means God is preparing you for a better, if not the best path for your career.

I am very sure, after the MSCS schooling, many companies are targeting to fill in some spot in their line up. Not to mention the pressure to serve the country out from the scholarship.

Actually based on my experienced, I was not able to apply for some jobs abroad because I need to serve or work in the country for 3 years. Good enough, I enjoyed the luxurious opportunities I am having right now out from the scholarship and the degree itself. It made difference in my life as professional.

One of the best measurement of a great person is know how to decide on things. Do not you worry, you made the right decision. Being a scholar in UP is a great opportunity already, not all are qualified to such endeavor you have right now.

God bless and conquer UPd...

I hope to see you soon as well, probably this October, I will be at Manila to accompany as their coach for my students for the yearly National Programming Competition....

God bless! Do your best in your studies always!

Aethen said...

Hi, te Cielo, yes it was indeed a luxurious predicament. but it was over now. Am happy to have made that decision.

Thanks for promoting my blog to your relatives. hope that they'll learn something from my blog. Hope that this blog will make real its purpose.

Re: Re: the outreach, may be you want to do a GK build or a sort of Black Pencil Project. Small projects but has great impact on the lives of the people touched.

Aethen said...

Thanks, Spiderman!

Yes. God must be cooking something cool for my future. I really love the way God works on our lives. Everything shall be well with Him.

After two years of MS study in UPD is sure to be a hit [for me]. And serving the country is my primary concern [my passion] - advancement of IT industry and professional excellence.

Professional enrichment is highly achievable in our country, kuya. You must just LOVE your work and the country to maximize your opportunity to grow as person and as professional. not to mention, having this perspective, you are helping the country to increase its human resource and socio-economic status.

Yep. having a sound judgment and able to discern what is best is a good character of a great person. God has just blessed me much to share it to others. :)

"God bless and conquer UPd..." - Yes, I will. :)

I'm looking forward in meeting you, kuya also. Thank you for the comment.

God bless and all the best for your team to the National Programming Competition...

toxic disco boy said...

Huwat? na sad naman ako. anyway, goodluck to what it is u chose to do. (^_^)

Aethen said...

Thanks, toxic boi. :) am happi na. :)

cielo said...

hi bunso, we are still in the process of planning, but we are thinking of a concept of "isang set concept".

example...isang set na schoolsupplies for the kids, isang set na pang-ulam, sort of like that, still in the planning stage...

some kinda busy now to push through...work work...hirap ng buhay empleyado...

Aethen said...

Dole-outs? better cguro if sustainable at may impact tlga sa buhay ng mga bata. Cool.

Anonymous said...

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