adventure at star city

Star City is the country’s premiere theme park and is located at Sotto St., CCP Complex Roxas Blvd., Pasay City. It has a 35,000 square meter area wherein the entertainment fields and amusement rides are found.

From Left: Penny, Jomae, and Me in our log in Wild River.

Last Night, I went there together with my friends, Jomae and Penny. We really have had great fun there and we tried all the rides there for only 450.00 pesos, ride all you can promo. Good thing, I have had my cash advance in my part time tutorial job.

Among the rides I remembered that I enjoyed were the Wild River, Jungle log jam, 360-degree Zyklon Loop, Viking, Surf Dance, Bumper Cars, Galactic, and other few I can’t recall but my favorite of all is the Surf Dance and second to it is the Wild River. I’m amused also when we entered the very cold castle of ice which they called the King of the Jungle (Ice Palace), and was horror-struck (a little bit) in Western Ghost Town and at Gabi ng Lagim, and was also entertained by the educational Dino Land (Is that what they called it?) and Mummy Tomb.

The wonderful ride in Galactic. It will keep you spinning.

I can rate it to be a world-class attraction which provide Filipino family, students, and professionals the amusement they rightfully deserve. It is not only an entertainment center but also a venue where shopping, food, rides, and walk-through amusement halls were hold center stage.

Aethen posing at the entrance of the horrific Western Ghost Town

Jomae who keeps bumping :)

I heard that today, Star City is tagged as the “Entertainment Center of the Philippines” with the creation of the Star Theater.

My most favorite ride, the Surf Dance. It rode it twice. Alone in my second ride because Penny and Jomae don't want to do it again.

Aethen posing at the entrance of the hilarious Gabi ng Lagim

I really did enjoyed spending my time in Star City. It brings out the child in me again. I have had great fun. Superb!

P.s. Will be serious and focus on my study next week. Pray for me, guys. :)


bugITs said...

buti naman at nakabreak ka muna before sumalang sa napakaserious na schooling! aheheh..

GOD speed sangay!

Aethen said...

@sangay - Salamat, Mark! Yep. i need it to condition my self for a big challenge. :) it is serious but I'll make sure that it will be fun. :)

laura said...

wow u had grat time,namimiss ko rin yan palagi kami pumupunta jan,pero hanggang tinggin lang me takot kc ako sumakay.well thanks sa visit we pray for ur schooling be a good boy.

Jehzeel Laurente said...

wow enjoy! san ka natulog? :D hehehehe...

Aethen said...

@laura - Salamat po, te Laura! Yep. I'll ba a good boy. will be a very good boy. :) You should try the rides someday. It is cool.

Aethen said...

@Jehzeel Laurente - Kuya Jehz, Sorry na lowbatt kasi phone ko tapos hindi ko mareach phone mo noong tinawagan kita. Pagod na pagod din ao sa sobrang kasakay sa mga rides doon. sinulit tlga kasi eh. (lol). Doon ako natulog kina penny sa sta. mesa. Sorry tlga. Uwi na ako. Salamat. :)

toxic disco boy said...

looks like fun! i've never been pero it looks like talo na ang Enchanted Kingdom. hehe.

Anonymous said...

Buti naman at youre enjoying your stay here in the metro, u should try enchanted kingdom next time. :D masaya dito kahit minsan yun nga lang, bad trip ang traffic at pollution hehe.

trizzz said...

hahaha. Enjoy Star City no?
Waaa...gusto ko tuloy pumunta..kaya lang...napakahectic ng sched kapag college...hayy...

Surf Dance! Favorite ko din yan among the other rides. Wow you're so brave to try wild river...may accident kasi doon dati.
The horror houses, di naman nakakatakot, nakakagulat lang. hehehe.

About the oblation run..hahaha...I might get spanked when someone saw me here looking at those pics. Pero by that time, nasa legal age na siguro ako. LOL

Good luck for the both of us!
Galingan natin!
God Bless!

arnie said...

wow! star city.. nakakainggit.:D
hehe.. di kasi natuloy yung lakad namin dati jan..nagpareserve pa naman din ako ng ilang free tickets.:D

haha! ka-start lang ng klase, gimik agad! ayos.:D

anyway, mukhang nag-enjoy ka.
favorite ko jan yang round up at cyclone.:D sarap ulitin.;)

Gian Paolo said...

WRONG! The country's premier theme park isn't in Manila. It's in Laguna and it's called Enchanted Kingdom! Haha. Peace! :)

aethen said...

@toxic disco boy - yeah! pero i think masCool ang Enchanted Kingdom.

aethen said...

@triZzZ - Sobrang enjoy! Sama tayo labas next time. :)

Saya ng Surf Dance! yong Wild River, Safe naman, huwag ka lng maging jologs. hehe. tanga at praning pla para tumalon. Haha. Saya tlga. Para akong bata noh?

aethen said...

@daniel - Yeah! next time enchanted kingdom pag may pera. :) okay lng sa polusyon. sanayan lng yan. :)

@arnie _ naks! next time sama tayo punta doon. ulitin natin ulit mga rides. haha. pero for now, study muna. Haha. (parang bata tlga ako pag mga ganitong bagay)

@gian paolo - Haha. According to Star city sila daw ang naga-hold ng title na yan. Haha. Peace. ;P

Aice Nice Concepts said...

naks tourist ka ata ng luzon ngayon ^_^

nga pala
your blog has been included on my The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs in 2008 (^_^)

> Vanny said...

wow. its been a long time last visit ko sa star city. :D


Aethen said...

Hi Aice! Thanks for the nomination. I appreciate it very much.

Aethen said...

@vanny - you should visit it some time again ;P

swexie said...

na try mo snow world? enjoy din dun..

Aethen said...

@ate sweet - yes. it is now ice castle. Ang lamig at masaya sa loob. :)

Anonymous said...

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