adjusting and living in the metro

I arrived in Metro Manila last Friday noon. I’m expecting a tough and challenging life in Manila while studying my masters. The day before I left Marbel, I wasn’t able to say goodbye to my friends and classmate because I rushed everything after I have confirmed that the scholarship was granted to me. So, I immediately fly to manila the next day to catch up the registration period for graduate students in the University and fortunately, I completed and got my UP student ID, a Webmail account, and my admission slip in half day of processing.

For the mean time, I stayed at Jehzeel’s apartment in tayuman but on Saturday I’ll be moving to my tita’s house in Sampalok. Staying at my relative’s house though too distant from the University will able me to save money and cut my expenses less. Next semester, I will apply for a dormitory in the University so that there will be no more hassle in commuting.

Jehzeel’s apartment is Cool. A studio type apartment good for two person and has an exclusive Wi-Fi connection owned by Jehzeel. His room is at the second floor where he is working at night and asleep during daytime. He has bizarre but comfy lifestyle that I don’t want to follow because of some practical reasons. Hehe.

By the way, I’m 12 units loaded this semester and I’m taking all the core subjects required in the program. The subjects were challenging-ly difficult and interesting and the professors were expert in their own fields. I’m really expecting a tough schooling life here as a UP student.

Right now, I’m still on the state of adjusting to their culture and environment. And this time I will minimize being lax in meeting challenges, must get serious and determ ined.

Water is in short supply, limited is a better term, I think, as well as clean air and good food. Transporation is accessible but too expensive for a student staying outside the University like me. I appreciate the presence of the trains that provide fast, safe, and cheaper means of transportation but you only have to endure the space you are entitled when the train is load with passengers. And lastly, I miss the good food from Marbel. There are many food stalls and restaurants to eat here but finding an affordable one is very difficult.

All my classes were held in the Engineering library infront of the College of Science building. The colleges were separated in blocks and the University really resembles a village because of its big land area. The place is also ideal for study and a venue for freedom and expression. I also have fun, in learning the route of the IKOT and TOKI jeepney rides. The people in the University seem don’t care about how you look and act as long your doing your own thing while other left unharmed.

Before I left marbel, I was thinking to rent a boarding house or get a space in a dormitory but I wasn’t able to find a good one. Maybe I was late in having my reservation for a space that all boarding houses were already full. I fellow scholar, offered me a space in his place outside the campus at krus na ligas but when I went to see the place, only space for bed is offered and you get to share with the other four accupants in the room. It seem peaceful there but the street you have to walk to get there is scary. Anyway, I guess I will be happy in my tita’s house.

And another thing is that, I am planning to apply for a credit card program so that, I would be able to purchase a laptop for an installment basis or maybe I'll try to get some cash loans but, I am afraid that I might not able to settle my accounts during payday loans.

Will tell you more next time. I’m in a hurry to get in my next class. | Going to Star City later at 7pm. :)


arnie said...

wow! masteral ka na pala...galingan mo! tapos, scholar ka pa...astig!

water?problema na talaga yan sa manila..buti, may malinis na hangin ka pa. at ang pamasahe! waaaah!:(( sobrang mahal na talaga.:((

enjoy, sa star city!

Aethen said...

@arnie - Challenging nga eh. Hoping na makakaya. Hehe. Matalino daw kasi ako sabi nila eh. Pero sabi ko, hindi naman tlga. :)

Sana makatipid tlga ako ng sobra para makaipon.

Salamat! Sama ka? Hehe. See you around.

trizzz said...

tayuman ka lang pala?? Natatanaw mo ba sa apartment yung church? That's Espiritu Santo Church, and beside it is my school! Espiritu Santo Parochial School. (aw, I missed highschool!)I thought you're somewhere near diliman...hehehe..
Correct. Problema talaga water dito sa manila. You can't even drink water directly from the faucet like davaoeños do back in davao. Fresh air is a long gone history in manila.

hehehe. Toki and ikot jeeps. It amused me, too, during my first visit in Diliman. Whoever thought of it is a genius!

You probably take the LRT in tayuman, right? I might bump into you one of these days...hehehe.

Enjoy star city! I hope you tried Viking and Surf Dance! hehehe.

btw, oblation run happens during december. I might wait for quite ages. hahaha. Mind you, I'm really kidding.

Aethen said...

@trizz - Yep. sa Tayuman ako nagstay pero will be moving tomorrow sa sampalok. sa apartment ni jehz ako tumira. yep. tanaw sa apartment's window and church at nadadaanan ko rin pag sasakay ako sa lrt papunta katipunan.

Yep. Ikot and toki is cool. Up admin thought about it. :)

yeah! sana makita kitang nakiki-siksik sa lrt. Haha.

I enjoyed all the rides there in start city. Superb! I tried Viking and Surf Dance twice and many times in bumper car. Haha. I tried ALL. I want to get back soon there to shout andhave fun. :)

About the oblation run, im serious bout it. you'll have your pix on dec. :)

Steph said...

Welcome to Manila Aethen! :) Goodluck with school and everything else! :)

aethen said...

@steph - thanks, steph!

Gilbert Yap Tan said...

Congrats sa iskolar ng bayan. If you don't get into the UP grad school dorm, check the apartments in dela costa village at the back of admu baka maging neighbor mo si angel aquino dun. :)

Aethen said...

@Gilbert yap tan - Salamat. I'll try to have my reservation again on September. Hoping that I'll get a slot this time in the grad school dorm.

Haha. Si angel aquino? that would be great and cool. Geh geh, will think bout it.

btw, please provide a valid link back.