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I hate this point in life between not being a student anymore and becoming a professional. There are so many things that you are not to enjoy anymore; things such as the daily allowance, pulling out your self out of the bed early for school, cramming when deadlines are near, bonding and mischievous trips of your buddies, and the extra-curricular activities. You might say that I am experiencing separation syndrome, the point in life that you want to do things that you are used to but you have to move on.

Bored in life, not yet certain on the next move to take. There are many opportunities but to grab them is confusing. Taking a decision at this point will conflict other plans. Yes, maybe I don’t know what I wanted right now. I have many plans but don’t know which one is to entertain first. I gave my self a break but its boring me; need to take a direction now.

Here are the things I’m considering:

  • To study a Master of Science in Computer Science at the University of the Philippines, Diliman under the Accelerated Science and Technology Human Resource Development Program. I am still waiting for the reply of the graduate school to my application for admission in the program.
  • I applied for a teaching position in the Notre Dame of Marbel University. Although they preffered applications who had a Master’s degree, I am still confident of my application. I’ll be having my teaching demonstration next week. Pray for me, guys.
  • Given a contract to work in GEODATA Solutions, Inc. as junior programmer/analyst but did not yet signed the contract.
  • I applied also to other companies that has job opening on related work to my field of specialization, and was interviewed, passed the employment process, but have signed any contract yet. Undecided. Hope they will wait. I know this should not be the case.
  • I was nominated by the school to the Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines (TOSP) this year to represent our region and also a candidate of the region to the 35th Ship for South East Asia Youth Program (SSEAYP). And on May 13, 2008 from 8 am - 3pm at the Civil Service Commission Regional Office XII., Gov. Gutierrez Ave., Cotabato City will be the schedule of my interview to the SSEAYP. I’ll be staying in Cotabato City for 2 days; I hope someone will accommodate me. (These are just extra-curricular which I less consider)
  • Home-based work. Considering SEO. Freelancer.

I’ll be discerning for these things.

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Jehzeel Laurente said...

freelance SEO!! hehehehe :D

yun ang mas masaya :D

Aethen said...

yep. I am planning na magfreelance SEO pero i need a laptop. hehe. mag-iinvest muna ako. :)

triZzZ said...

I'd go for freelance SEO, since it's a home-based job, you can study in UP and work at the same time.

If you have problems with your schedule, why not apply for UP Open University, instead?

Hope this one helps. (:

Nice theme! (:

Aethen said...

thanks, trizZz! i have that plan in mind but to study in UP is a scholarship grant. I have to follow the contract to be eligible scholar for graduate study. Hehe.

but going to be a freelance SEO is on priority.

Thanks. Miss you.

the donG said...

Freelance SEO is flexibility. I suggest that you take Masters while working.

There's also the UPITTC available in weekend schedule.

The time between the graduation and before you start working should be enjoyed. hehehe...

i hope that you'll be able to get a laptop soon.

Allan Barredo said...

the transition from being a student to a "working man" is often times hard :D.

great plans and dreams bro, move out of marbel hahaha

toxic disco boy said...

why in diliman? go to UPLB dude. we are the only "Center of Excellence in Information Technology Education" in the whole UP system. kami lang!!! nyahaha.

punta ka d2. or if u opt for UP Open Uni, andito rin un.


toxic disco boy said...


seriously dude!

toxic disco boy said...

geodata? dun ako nag practicum 2 years ago. haha.

and SSEAYP? go go go! u'll be all over SEA niyan. haha. my BF couldn't stop raving about SSEAYP.

Aethen said...

@the donG:

Yep. I have that in mind. that would be a great decision. dapat as soon magka-laptop na ako.

I can't enroll to a UPITTC sked available in weekends. I must abide to the contract of the scholarship. it should be full time study. hehe.

yes, this break should be enjoyed.

Thanks, bro!

Aethen said...

@Allan Barredo:

yes, kuya allan, I'll move out marbel soon. Hehehe.

Aethen said...

@toxic disco boy:

mikel, my grad study at diliman is under ASTHRDP... I applied for admission in diliman... late na if mag-apply ako sa UPLB, 2nd sem na ako nun ma-admit. pwde man cguro magcross campus. Hehe.

Sabi nga nila UPLB has very good programs in IT. Thanks for the advice.

about SSEAYP, pray that i will be invited on board. Hehe.

randiss chinny said...

wow, i think i know how you feel but you're just a little ahead of me. i'll start my senior year in college this june and i'm already bothered about what i'll do after, lol. i'm worried about not getting the allowance anymore...hahaha...oh well, good luck! :)

Did You Know? said...

hi! pls add me here in your links.. added you already before. thanks so much!!!

Aethen said...

chinny, thanks. Focus and attitude is all you need to succeed, chinny! Don't worry bout losing you daily allowance becoz soon you'll be earning it. :)

Kenji said...

Its great to be young and with ambitions rather than young and contented. There is a stark difference between the two, and happy to know your're full of dreams. Aim high. Soar High!

Great to visit this site from a boy in Marbel...Im from Banga, but lived here in Saudi for years now.

Aethen said...

"Its great to be young and with ambitions", but it is even greater to be young with ambitions wherein the mind and heart is set into realizing it no matter how utterly unattainable that ambition or dream is.

Yeah! Aim High but always be grounded to God! Your country is missing you. Hope you'll be visitin' us soon. Banga is a promising municipality now. :) God bless and take care there, mr. kheji! :)