kublai's haven

Last week, I was in Davao city to visit some friends and to meet Te Kix, the Jesuit Volunteer of the Philippines batch 28, who is in-charge in organizing the youth groups in Mindanao. She is from Ateneo de Naga Univesity and currently finishing her term as volunteer in the Pathways program.

I arrived late night in the city because I left Marbel at 3pm and I waited at the front gate of Ateneo de Davao University, where my friends will meet me. We had our dinner immediately at the Pastil store near the university, then we went to Matina Town Square (MTS) to hang loose and appreciate the gig. We bought some cool rummaged items in the stalls located in the center of the square.

In the next morning, Emyat, Te Sandra, Te Kix and I met to discuss about the sharing the light program in Davao, a grant from Children’s hour. At our meeting, I suggested that we need a healing ritual because we had a busy day. In this meeting we had to decide on where to continue our discussion and wherein we can relax. We visited several places including a videoke place where they rent out private rooms for small groups. Not quite right for our group. We looked at a garden setting but decided that the mosquitoes might not be too friendly in the place. By 2pm, Emyat, a social worker, who is a pathways volunteer also, said that there was one more place we need to see: Ponce Suites.

posing in front of the Ponce Suite (From left: teSandra, Moi, and teKix)

We decide to visit the Ponce Suites in Doña Vicente Village in Davao City, where Kublai’s artworks were displayed. We had a knack for surprises. Ponce Suites took our breath away and yes! This is the place for a healing ritual, and relaxation. We roamed around the four-floor suite where inside Kublai’s art gallery is open for public.

kublai's gallery

kublai's artworks everywhere

This small hotel is owned by his mother and his older brother. In his gallery, different works of arts, created and made by him were showcased. These artworks were depicting the culture of Filipinos, some were expression of his love of his family, and some were his thoughts and perception, and some talks about his perspective in different topics.

some of his sculpture outside the hotel (From left: Emyat, teSandra, and Moi)

He finished Fine Arts at UPD, and has busied himself as a sculptor and painter. He was named also as one of the national artist of the country, the finest one in Mindanao. In fact he made the huge durian sculpture at the Davao International Airport and Sultan Kudarat town's kampilan statue. He is also "famous" for his sculptures in the Enigmata Treehouse Galeri.

more of the sculptures made using cement as medium (From left: Emyat, teKix, and teSandra)

He has been commissioned to do the many sculpture works in Mindanao. He is master in using cement as a medium of his art.

We had an iced tea party on the rooftop of the building while enjoying the free WI-FI service and cool ambience. He described his creative process on the rooftop of Ponce Suites which is said to be reminiscent of Gaudi's architecture, the energy and atmosphere there which envelop the space and which I slowly felt was warming my tired bones and spirit. It was totally a perfect relaxing place if you and your friends want to have some fine time.

There is too many to story about my experience in that place so if you happen go to in Davao city, do not miss Ponce Suites. (This is not a paid post;I just want to appreciate the place and his work)

You may want to see more of his gallery and artworks, click here.


claire said...

wow.. that's a real work of art.. amazing! and those creepy but artistic spiders above the hallway to the gallery is magnificent.. kudos to kublai.. :) thanks for sharing :)

Did You Know? said...

hi! can we exchange links???

chinny said...

hey, i'm from davao city and i know some of the places you mentioned. they're nice places. and yes, i agree with you. if anyone should go to davao, they should never miss out what you've mentioned.

Aethen said...

@claire: no problem, claire. If you happen to visit davao, dont miss this place. :)

Aethen said...

@did you know: yes, i'll add you. :)

Aethen said...

@chinny: yeah! my experience there is totally amazing... :)

claire said...

i most certainly will.. it wont be long before i visit davao.. thanks much :)

Aethen said...

@claire: you may want a tour guide, I 'm just around. :)

tinkiekixie.multiply.com said...

ei mark..kix here.love the post!!hehe.kelan ka punta ng manila?

Aethen said...

On june 2 pa, te Kix.