What to you is the meaning of community service?

Being aware of what is happening around and responding to it.

In my own way, it is a work in the form of partnership with people and not just giving dole outs, it is more of teaching them the old Chinese proverb lesson, Give a man fish and he live for a day, teach a man how to fish and he will live for a lifetime. Leading them to be independent and workers of themselves. In this way, they are also empowered and growth and development is greatly possible.

Moreover, it’s extending your wholehearted service to your community and to the people. It’s an act of serving selflessly where the only thing you get in return is the feeling of joy and fulfillment.

It can be initiated or spontaneous – in other words, a person can be challenged to serve the community anywhere and anytime the least he expects it. What’s important is the choice the person makes or the choice to give service selflessly to others.

As a student, sharing time and doing supplementary tutorial sessions to my fellow students is a simple way of extending and imparting the gifts that God had given me.

As a volunteer, the small things, worked with a big heart, created great impacts in the lives of the Youth I have served in South Cotabato

As a youth leader, it means of modeling servant leadership; a way of inspiring, motivating, influencing and challenging my fellow youth to be agents of positive change, and advocates of progress.

Service to community is one of the reasons of my being. It’s something that I yearn for and pursue with heart and passion for I believe that to whom much is given, much id expected. This is one way of giving gratitude to Him who has blessed us.

There is no cash advance made in doing this post.

Mark Aethen Agana's Essay to TOSP 2008


the donG said...

very well said. it looks like you are really an achiever. im so proud of youngsters like you. i hope you'll continue to make the the pinoy proud.

doing community work is really being selfless. valuing others more than yourself.

and i agree with you on that Chinese proverb.

do you read John Maxwell books?

Aethen said...

doing something for the betterment of a community is a great effort. You must do it with heart and never expect any return except for the feeling of joy and fulfillment that you have had touch lives and souls.

John Maxwell books? Never read one. Maybe tomorrow. :)