What is the significance of excellence and being outstanding in today’s society?

It helps build and heal a nation.

In my perspective, being excellent and outstanding today is a blessing from God. But it comes along with responsibility to bring the best of others by empowering and helping them to grow. It is a gift from God for us to be agents of influence to other people to have awareness so that they will be motivated to create a positive change.

In a developing country today, expertise of excellent and outstanding human resource is highly needed to yield greater economic performance and development. Being excellent and outstanding can inspire and empower other people to commit themselves to higher ideals and aspirations and to be the best. And in the long run this can lead to a social transformation and economic progress.

In today’s competitive world, excellence and positive superiority is being demanded. Its significance lies in the reality that one must possess qualities in standards that measure one’s talents and abilities to survive. Since the evolution of mankind, the environment of survival of the fittest, where weak has slim chances of surviving is already there. That is why today, in this dog-eat-dog world, excelling and being outstanding are the main factors to be able to survive; there is no room for mediocrity in achieving success. In result, it significantly lead others to constant strive for excellence to be able to cope and respond to the demands and to be globally competitive.

However, excellence is not significant if not coupled with good character, powered by God, and potted for a worthy cause to lead and serve, and heal and build the country. It is also important to stand out with honorable qualities which will serve as a bondage breaker, which will set the society free and will serve as guide to the path for development.

Mark Aethen Agana's Essay to TOSP 2008

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the donG said...

i honor you on the way you put God in the ordinary aspects of life. man really needs good influence.

right now after the concept of servant leadership comes team leadership.

Aethen said...

the passion is burning in me, kuya! Thanks.