cookey wins the AI 2008

David Cook reacts to being announced the winner of 'American Idol' during the finale.

American Idol 2008 concluded and declared the ex-bartender David Cook as the new idol. He virtually body-slammed teen prodigy David Archuleta in a surprising landslide Wednesday night, capping an energized finale filled with big stars and polished performances.

Cook was overcome with emotion, bending toward the stage after his name was announced. When he stood up, his eyes were filled with tears, the second time in as many nights that the scruffy, grainy-voiced belter had broken down.

Cook, 25, from Blue Springs, swamped Archuleta, 17, of Murray, Utah, by a margin of 12 million votes out of the record 97.5 million casts by viewers.

I really expected that Archuleta will win this Idol because of his annoyingly good voice and has chosen smart songs. Clearly, he’s in it for the win with a multitude of screaming fans praising his talent and charisma. But on the other hand, Cook is sincere, creative, and daring enough to shake the ground of predictability. Also his being rebellious turned to be rewarding in the end. Anyway, they both have soulful gaze when they perform professionally on stage, which qualify them as to be a winner (for me).

Anyway, David Archuleta is gonna be big no matter what. :) Congrats Cook’s fans.


triZzZ said...

hehehe. though I'm a Cook fan, I doubted Cook's 3 performances for the finale. I thought it's Archie who'll bring home the title.

Simon has to give a public apology for declaring a knockout after Archie rendered his last song.

Now who's knocked out?


Aethen said...

Yeah! I thought also that Cook's last 3 performances were weak and will bring a sure win for Archie. They both has good voice but my vote really goes to Archie for his talent and charisma.

Yep. Simon apologize for his comment to Cook's performance. Anyway, he has a good time for sure eating his words. :)

triZzZ said...

Yes, I read it on yahoo! News. I haven't watched the announcement on TV, I just searched it on the net.hehehe!

My heart goes to Archie, but I'm pretty sure he'll make it big in the biz for his beautiful voice.

Aethen said...

yes, he will hit the market big soon.

bugITs said...

hmmmm... mister COOK already hit the market through his revival of ALWAYS BE MY BABY! but anyways, both DAVIDS are great!

sangay, see my post here!

Ice 9 Web said...

wow nice balita dito ^_^
keep it up kay cookey

Aethen said...

thanks sangay for the link :) Congrats!

Aethen said...

Cook ka din aice?

Anonymous said...

cook all the way.. congratulations to both. they did a good job

Kenji said...

Thanks for your support to david Archuleta. We contacted most of our friends in UTAH and california to help him win, but its okay. I posted about this at Http://jbsolis.blogspot.com bout a week ago. Anyways, its okay. I said that Archuleta will be free of restricted contract so I think he will have more CD's to come rather than Cookery. Hey, how about Marbel? How's the news there?

Aethen said...

yeah, you are right, sir. There is more opportunity for Archie than having the title. And besides, he is still young, more years of blessings to reap. :)