got back

Yeah! I just got back from my busy weekend. The whole thing wasn’t planned at all. There were just invitations popping-out each day. I just can’t say no because it was really inviting and I don’t have any business lined up.

Let’s see what I did these few days.

I went with friends to a night swimming escapade and been toxic a little. Drank coffee with Sandra at McGregor and talked about her new work experience and bloopers. I thought her also basics of Macromedia Flash MX and Selteco applications that she will be using as tools in her work. The next day, we welcomed Kix for returning in Marbel to continue the Sharing the Light Program of the Youth group in Davao. We had a coffee talk and barbeque party at Baywalk.

I was also invited by the Junior Philippines Association of Management Accountants to be one of their speaker and facilitator in their Leadership training and teambuilding workshop. I prepared for the said workshop together with Sandra and we really enjoyed the energy of the young leaders of the organization to serve while having fun. I hope you have had influenced them.

JPAMA Leaders

LeaderShaping Session

I attended also the 4-day Mindanao-wide youth camp organized by the Panalipdan Youth and Light a Candle Movement. The organizers aim to organize an aggregation of young advocates (individuals and groups) for the defense of the environment, life and patrimony. The sessions were focused on greed and corruption in environment, targeting the system of governance of the national leaders today. There are many alliances that supported the camp; some of them were the CenPeg, Bayan, Union of Students leaders, Kabataan, and some local government officials. The camp was attended by student leaders and writers from different universities and colleges in Southern Mindanao. It concluded with a mobilization in celebration of Earth day. There was a small gathering (rally as they described it) of peasants and environment advocates who attended.

Listening and participating to different ideologies, beliefs, stand, and principles of the youth during the discussions turned to debate is hot.

I really appreciated their effort in organizing such event to strengthen the awareness of the youth on the present environmental and political situation of the country. I hope more youth will be moved and who will take an action and role as catalyst of positive change.

By the way, the camp is all expense paid by the sponsors. And it was really a camp. We brought and set-up our tents the traditional way.

These were some of the major events this summer I have attended.

Next week, I will be in Davao city to hunt jobs and visit some friends. I hope there are free Accommodations in Davao for me to enjoy.

I feel good to be back. There will be more blogging soon.

God bless.


trizzz said...

wow. That's why you weren't around for ages! buti ka pa ang saya ng summer mo. How I wish I have the same opportunities as yours.galing-galing! welcome back. (:

05.02.08 - 8:32 am

jared said...

maganda may leadership talaga sa mga kabataan.. :) nice post!

aethen said...

tama ka king, we need more action from the youth than words. Missed you all. Muah!

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04.28.08 - 4:02 am

kingdaddyrich said...

malaki talaga ang responsibilidad na dapat na gampanan ng mga kabataang tulad natin sa ibat ibang usapin. lalo na sa mga usapin ng kalikasan at pulitika. gayunpaman, kailangan ng aksyon. hindi puro salita lang. tama ba?

04.27.08 - 10:54 pm

gerald said...

hi mark., kumustas! ~_^ heehe i really confused on what to be the appropriate template for my new blog.. can you asses it? http://contemporaryink.blogspot.com/

04.27.08 - 4:51 am

toxic boi said...

nag update ka rin after 10 years!

04.25.08 - 11:07 am

gerald said...

hi there, i apologize i have not replied to you.. its because ive got no load... ~_^ take care... i created a new blog.. contemporaryink.blogspot.com check it out and link me in... thanks for everything..

04.25.08 - 12:45 am

daniel said...

off topic muna.. ang ganda ng header mo ah.. astig :D

04.24.08 - 7:29 pm

Merly said...

No wonder wala kang bagong entry 'til now. You've been busy! Hahaha. :D

04.24.08 - 4:40 am

gerald said...

hehehe.... yes, finally.. we will surely miss you... im workin on to my 2nd blog. personal random thoughts... take care

04.24.08 - 4:29 am