planned vacation

Our professor in Art Appreciation class is planning to have his vacation in California this summer. His friend will shoulder all his expenses except the processing of his papers for travel. One of our classmate suggested to him to visit some dive bars in San Diego, California. Jake, our classmate who also a vacation in States brag also about the places he been to in America. He said to our teacher that there are some posh bars that have a good ambiance that will fit to his taste.

He added also that there are many chic San Diego lounges and sleek San Diego nightclubs located in the city. He shared also to the class that his uncle brought him once to one of the bars there and he had fun and enjoyed the party people in the place. He naughtily giggles while he is sharing his experience in the class.

Mr. John Paul Espino, our professor interrupted him and said, will that’s your experience, mine will be more fun! Every laughs in the room and the lesson continues.

I envied both of them. I am planning also to go on vacation after graduation. It is barely 3 weeks before the graduation day but yet I don’t feel that I am ready to march.

God bless!

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