notre dame, pay for us

In Notre Dame of Marbel University, a 10% tuition fee increase next school year was proposed.

It was proposed that the 10% of the tuition increase will go to the teachers’ salaries and improvement of infrastructures and facilities inside the campus.

Some students speak up.

The Library is too big for a too small internet section to accommodate the need of students. The computers can be described as “de-uling” due to slow internet connection.

Students repeatedly voice-out about the presence of some teachers who are not world class, who don’t know how to speak English well and whose method of instruction is too old school for college-level learning. Are we going to expect fewer teachers of these kinds next school year?

Those are just a few.

The more than 4000 souls may have more than 4000 different concerns intertwined. I understand the University’s rigid annual increases but I hope that they can compensate the amounts we’re paying, and hope that the minimum increase is enough and can be justified.

Let’s not wait for Notre Damean to pray and say, St. Marcellin Champagnat , pay for us.

Speak out and raise our concerns. Our great founder who wished to educate the poor children did not want us to be indifferent. I hope they could still remember the teaching of Marcellin, In order to educate the children, you must love them. I hope they will love us and understand the sentiments of the students.
We should never be complacent about things such as tuition increase. To ignore this fact is pathetic and downright stupid.
I pray that Notre Dameans would not be apathetic about tuition fees.

Let us remind them to practice what they teach. Copy the image to your blog or set it as your primary photo in Friendster.


aisa almanza said...

i used to go to NDMU just last sem and i am from ADDU grade school to high school, in my perspective...

02.12.08 - 8:40 am

ara said...

hi! just like in our case here in my school (davao)...it was announced that there will be a tuition fee increase next year, just like what they told us a year ago, and what? nothings new same as I enter the institution.

02.27.08 - 9:38 am

Aidan said...

tuition fee increase, when will it ever cease?

02.12.08 - 4:32 am

Hector Minoza said...

I do believe that education should be free like air to breath and water to drink. This is because Education is a basic necessity in life, this is our fundamental rights as human being to be guarantee with this need, to do away with darkness of ignorance. In reality my statement is not working that way, even water for drinking is already being sold much more expensive than gasoline� I don�t know about the air? May be in the hospital they will charge you for a fee�

02.11.08 - 8:23 pm

Aethen said...

@Wanderer: Tlga? Damean ka din? @Meryl: Thanks, ate meryl! @Schumey: Although, our school offers still the Lowest tuition fee in the area, we still can't allow to have another increase for next school year. Halos kasi dito sa south cotabato ay average lng kinikita at farming ang source of living. noong midterms pa nga lng ang haba na ng pila sa promisory note section. Hai.

02.10.08 - 9:16 pm

wanderer said...

way to go, aethen! tama yan... damer din ako dati. notre dame of greater manila nga lang. hehe...

02.10.08 - 8:23 pm

Merly said...

Go go go! Speak up. :)

02.10.08 - 8:40 am

Schumey said...

Education is a right not a privilege. The school owners should bear in mind that this is not a business but an advocacy.

02.10.08 - 1:10 am

wanderer said...

way to go, aethen! tama yan... damer din ako dati. notre dame of greater manila nga lang. hehe...

02.09.08 - 1:35 am