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Just this after I got my graduation picture. It was digital and edited. I appear clean and nice-looking in my picture. It was taken by the tessar, the official photo shop of the University. They do photo-editing services, developing, and they also offer video coverage for special events.

The photo shop was partnered by our school because they are the only photo shop in Koronadal City that offers cheap and quality photo-editing service. The place is also accessible from the location of the University.

My classmates got their graduation pictures also. You laughed at how different we appear in person and in picture. Some really look different because some impurities on their face were removed (edited) by the technology.

But, one guy from IT Department feels unfortunate because his damaged and darkened tooth was not edited. He was disappointed because he had a great smile and he love to smile always in picture taking.

We advice him to put a tooth veneer made of porcelain to improve his image with a new smile and not letting technology to do the change.

Donna, an IT student, recommended using Lumineers by Cerinate a good option. Lumineers are branded veneer option to have a nice new smile that can improve your confidence and self esteem.

She added that if you are to compare lumineer veneer prices to other option of veneer, you will surely save a big part of your budget – the cost is cheaper.

I wish him good luck and good looks.

[I will be posting my graduating picture soon]

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