hs klsm8s reunion and etc

I met my high school classmates before the year ends. We played ate, talked, reminisced the good ol' high school days in KN (our alma mater), and we laughed like crazy. What surpised me was that either they were now involved in romantic relationships, or that they had just broken up. And some shared that they were happily involved in productive and worthwhile activities.
We talked about our plans after graduation and dreams in life which were sweet and real.
I was so happy to see them grow better persons and more mature.
As early this year, we planned our next get-to-gether party so that the attendance next year will be hundred percent complete. Charlene whose parents have a vacation house at Lake Sebu promised to host the venue for our next party. Along with the planning of it, Ronnel and I suggested to adapt a community in the said place for an extension (outreach program) since some of us will be professional soon. This program will serve as a payback to the blessings we have received from Him -bringing and sharing back the good life as a sign of gratitude. Possitively, our classmates commit to impart their gifts to make real this plan.
unplanned meeting for the party
(From left: Shean, Ronnel, Me, Enyek, and Faith)

Herman (wearing an orange colored shirt) in the company
We had our annual get-to-gether party at Del Rio Splash Resort in the City of Koronadal (again) last December 30, 2007. Each one of us contributed for the food and for the venue. Generously, Ryan who is now working a marine engineer donated some foods and drinkings. He even gave each one of us a friendship band and a christmas card with a personal greetings inside. There are some also who cooked and brought foods which was shared to the group. We had a great time there sharing our college stories and life struggles in the world that we never thought chaotic.

classmates wearing the friendship band given by Ryan during the get-to-gether party/reunion at Del Rio splash resort

The party ended at 2am. We had a tiring but a wonderful day. I really missed them and I can't wait to see them soon successful.


God has been so gracious as to give me this most wonderful time with my family and friends for Christmas. There are still many things to do. Projects for the PMYC, programs in the department council, pathways tutorial which will finally be possible this year because the LGU of Polomolok gave us already the budget amounting to 90K and 20k from LGU of Banga for the implementationof the academic enrichment program (yepey!) ...and finish two case studies in Ethics and review two books for computer networks due this coming back to school.


Does anyone of you have read the books, "The Cathedral and Bazaar" by Eric S. Raymund and "The History of the Future: Origins of the Internet" by John Noughton?

I am soliciting some of your ideas or you can give me some insights regarding the books. I have to review these books as a requirement in Computer Networks. I have read the two books already but I want to hear your from other readers their reviews also. :)

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