blog awards [edit: star awards]

Thanks to Bro. Vince for the award he gave me: “You’re an Amazing Blogger” award

The same Award I’m giving to Winston Almendras, Fjordan Allego, Conrad Miguel Gonzalo , and Mark Van Buladaco.

Thank you also to Redlan for this award.

I'm awarding the same recognition to TrizZz, Janus, Shawboy, Mark Tan, and CourtChief .

Funny. I thought redlan is refering to "Your blog of the Month Award" but I was wrong. He did award me and of higher distinction - as a star. I didn't know that I am a star. Thanks, Redlan.

"ANGELIKA PANGANIBAN- He is a peculiar kid. Sometimes serious, sometimes comical. He is somewhat serious and formal in his ways but inside him lies a typical youngster who shrieks and giggles whenever amused or pleased. What’s funny about this guy is the way he walks, it’s very unusual. A born challenger and a brain cracker. Believe me, he is THE WARM AND FRIENDLY STAR.

Read more about the Blog Star Awards.

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