on sunday

On Sunday, my father will be celebrating his 52nd birthday! Our family will be going to the beach for the celebration. It’s been long since the last time we organized a party for my father’s birthday. I invited some of my classmates and friends to come with us. My mother is so excited about the celebration. It will also serve as a venue for both of us to be more bonded.

I am not well bonded with my father because we have opposing character and attitude. We always result to debate and argument and he stands every time correct. I am not competing with him against in his principles and philosophies in life, I just would like him to listen and understand us. But his superiority does not take away my respect for him. Sometimes, to avoid such situation, I just keep my mouth shut and quiet in the corner. I understand him because he also wants to feel our presence and love in the house. The case is that, I am having difficulty in disclosing some feelings to him because he is too hard to penetrate though I become so loving and nice in my approach. Maybe fathers are just like that.

We are okay now and we have some time to talk often though there is that tension or feeling that made us hard to open and express ourselves. The wall between us still standing and hinders us to disclose. And also he became so supportive and considerate in dealing with us in decision, actions, and move that involve the whole family. He deliberately and lovingly share and express himself to us. He did advice me more often of my mischievous behavior and I love him because of that.

The beach day will also serve as a treat for my stressful week. Hope I won’t get sun-burned.

Enjoy the weekend, everyone!

God bless us all!

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