a treat

I was at McGregor yesterday together with Ate Sandra, Ayel, and Kix. We went there to treat ourselves for our own happy celebration. It was unplanned, unexpectedly, each one of us have the same thing in mind – to refresh our minds and soul. We sipped some coffee that feels good in taste. We enjoyed the stay there though it was a very expensive treat. (lol)

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Having a coffee break with Ayel and Ate Sandra.

And also with Ate Kix promoting Ayel’s final President’s Report

Later, Ate San, I'll let you read it!

Treating? Or threatening?

Ayel joked in, Mark, your birthday must be celebrated everyday this whole week. Where will we be tomorrow? I just laughed at it. Ate Sandra added, It’s possible, Mark, since you have two birth date; August 08 as your real birthday and August 13 as your legal birth date (birth certificate date), you can celebrate it week long. Today is the pre-celebration, mark. Sure I can celebrate it everyday this week but only to commemorate the days between the dates. But parties would be minimized; I am on a tight budget, right now. Hehe. They said that every time you celebrate your birthday you are blessed because God added another year in to your life. In my case, I celebrate my birthday twice but I get older only by half year old per year.

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