Ate Ria, Ate Em, and Ate Aya, my co-pathways builders greeting me a Happy Birthday.

It’s been 3 days since my birthday but I haven’t yet thanked the people who greeted me a Happy Birthday. To my friends, pathways family, classmates, textmates, friendster friends, loved ones, and to my family, thank you very much for letting me feel so loved and remembered.

And of course I would not forget my friends and family in the blog community.

Ariel Lalisan [12:00:00:01 – 080807]
Jehzeel Laurente [12:00:01:00 – 080807]
Winston Almendras [12:00:10:18 – 080807]
Sandra Bonrustro [TEXT]
Leann Jester Daus [TEXT]
Daniel Jr Confesor [12:02:14:05 – 080807]
redLan [bLOG]
Bro. Vince Celeste [bLOG]
Cantilangnon Ini [bLOG]
Jemme Putchir [bLOG]
Kix Rodrigo [TEXT]
Mykl Faller [bLOG]
Ham in the strawberryfield [bLOG]
Arn Villegas [FrIENDSTER]
Mark Tan [bLOG]
CourtChief [bLOG]
John Paulo Aguilera Lamano [bLOG]
Fjordan Allego [bLOG]
Quincy John Tampo [bLOG]
TrizZz [bLOG]
Jepoi Sistoso [FrIENDSTER]
Coiledice [bLOG]
Jackie [bLOG]

I really appreciated and acknowledged the greetings of my fellow bloggers who were not mentioned above. I decided to shorten the list of this post because I’ll be catching my absence for the last 3 days by posting blogs, tonight. Again, thank you, bloggers. I love you all!

God bless us all.


Got a [dot][com]

Guys, I got an official domain. You can know visit my blog at www.aethen.com. Thanks to kuya Jehzeel .


Fly a Kite

Just this afternoon, Ate Sandra, Kix, Ayel, and I, the tropang pathways, were the facilitator of the Teambuilding and Planning session of the Pathway Youth Group of the Notre Dame of Tacurong College. It is a volunteer-oriented youth group, just like the organization I am into, also. Ate Sandra, talked and gave lectures about the trust and vision of Pathways to Higher Education and on Working as a Team, Kix, the JVP from Ateneo de Naga University, lectured on Volunteerism. After the talks and lectures of the staff, I facilitated the activities on Personality and Working Style. While, Ayel, gave them an activity and orientation on Planning and SWOT Analysis.

At the teambuilding concurrent session

The teambuilding ended with Kite Flying, a commitment setting activity wherein the volunteers take part in making a kite and decides to what part they will work on. Together, they have made a successful fine big blue kite with signature of volunteers to attest their true commitment to pathways mission.

"Lilipad ako para sa Pathways para matulungang makalipad din ang iba"

Aethen facilitating an activity

It was fun to be with my fellow young volunteers while giving and exchanging insights on the same cause you are working to.

Tomorrow, we will again be helping Kix and Ate Sandra in faciltating another teambuilding workshop at Koronadal National Comprehensive High School, My Alma Mater.

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