a love story

I watched A Love Story this evening. It’s not the kind of movie that interests me but since there are no other movies that I haven’t seen in showing, I still watched it. The tagline is cool and it intrigues me to watch it though: “In the greatest love stories, there is a MAN, a WOMAN, and the WIFE who comes between them.”
The movie was already about to end when I came in so I had to wait for the next show. My intent to go movies was to relax and have some time for my self. The movie did not disappoint me for that purpose and I did enjoy it. It was relaxing and I did relate to it. I saw my self in the movie and it partly shows the emotional me in some scene they had had.
But this is not just an emotional movie. It is a thinking drama. It’s a thought-provoking drama of a love story that tells us, “love is really a blur, and marriage is but a piece of paper.” One of the main interests in the film is its presentation of the timeline. Though it is a bit unconventional, it is not confusing. In the middle of the story it would give you the notion that maricel soriano plays the mistress. At first I was confused to who is the mistress because the transition of the story was not clear to which scene was shown first.
I can also say that this film is realistic because the characters are within the social circle. I mean that plot does not defy any limits. The characters are portrayed with flaws and has a story to tell. Angelica Panganiban was commendable here. She portrayed Karyn well, a young open-minded and faithful wife who wanted her husband love and back to her. Maricel [Joanna] , shows her other side, and it’s not too late for her to go some little wild though.


Last night I wasn’t able to blog because I took some time to sleep. I got to take enough sleep to make for the stressful week I had. I had a sound sleep, very sound that I did not even know that it rained.
I woke up late and my Father got mad at me because I haven’t helped him save our house from the water that entered our compound.

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