Mutya of So. Cot., Tim Yap, and my new banner

Mae, a friend posted a comment on my profile page at friendster and have sent a message to me that says, Mark, you did not tell me that you are a McDonald product endorser. At first I did not understand what her message was all about but when I viewed my profile page and had scrolled-down the window to the corner of comments I got what she meant.

She said that Tim Yap, a product endorser of McDonald and me resembles similar attributes. I was flattered then about that comment. Tim Yap as Mark Aethen celebrity look-a-like?

I just laughed about it. : ) Well, I don't want to flaunt on it.

Tim Yap
Will you agree with what Mae have said in comparison?


We watched the 2007 Mutya of South Cotabato pageant night at the South Cotabato Cultural Gymnasium. It was my first time to see the Gymnasium to be overcrowded by South Cotabate├▒os in an event of a beauty competition. It was very surprising that many of our fellow South Cotabate├▒os attended the event. The Gym was really full and I can feel the excitement and thrill of people who went there to witness the prestigious night of the most beautiful and intelligent young ladies of South Cotabato.
Jerico, the Mutya 2006, and Jake
Jerico Rosales was invited to be the host of the Mutya. I think this is also one of the reason why some wanted to watch the pageant.

The 16 candidates at their swimsuit attire.
The beauty competition was indeed fabulous. They have used a system to automate the judges verdict and the set-up and concept of the pageant was so lively. The night gown of the candidates were very simple but very elegant. Beauty and Mind is really a factor of winning the crown but it seem that they all have what it takes to be the Mutya of South Cotabato. I guess, they all have to contest on attitude, projection, wit in answering, and confidence. : )

It was sad that we came late and we have not witness the crowning. Tomorrow I'll update you of the result of the pageant. :)


Guys, I got a new banner. I hope you like it.

Thanks a lot to Ayel, who took these pics and created the banner!

God bless.


Anonymous said...

Tim Yap? He is not a good example and should not be qualify as endorser of any type. He is a drug addict, not good for our filipino children. Kumuha ka na lang ng iba huwag siya.

Aethen said...

He has the looks but no attitude. we are far more different than our physical appearance. :) don't like him also. :)