I have been to changes these days. but i have not changed.

...dealing with things that seems the purpose or reason is not clear. I can’t understand but, I am too affected. It all show how weak I am. Very vulnerable to factors that will threaten the oversimplified thing I have made.

I always see situations so simple that you can live it easily and trouble-free.

I always hold-on to things I wanted. And make all the possibilities to have it.

I always thought that I know my self. but, not yet.

I always know that I understand everyting. some.

I always feel secure to him.

I always say that I am okay and happy. Yes, I am. but, sometimes it's not real.

I always make myself busy working with this stuffs that fulfills me. But, even without a purpose.

I always do.


I always say that I would change and grow. but, there is not difference, no progress.

I hope I’ll always remember this in heart. work for it by heart. live it by heart.

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