another day to cherish

I was in Pathways office the whole morning this day. I stayed there just to wait for my classes in afternoon. My schedule every Tuesday and Thursday is so boring. All my subjects that were enrolled in these days were scheduled in the time slot 1:00pm-7:30pm. I can’t do anything about it; I am in a block section. What I did is that I went to the office just to kill time and talk to the staff and volunteers who are staying there also. I usually play games installed in the computer if not, I make kulet or have a little chitchat with them. Some times I just sleep in the TYG room if I feel like not in the mood. But most of the time, purposely stay there just to supervise and moderate the youth group if it is mobilized well. One thing also, I simply want to spend my time for service whenever they need it.

You might think that I don’t want to stay at home. You might suggest, why not stay at home in the morning and help do chores or why not rest and spent more time with your bed and prepare for the class in the afternoon.

I want to stay at home but I am more bored there and every time I leave the house I make sure I have had made my own assignments and tasks at home. I just simply want to spend more time in school, with my co-volunteers, with my peers, with the internet at the school, and with the feeling of being busy with things and stuffs in my organizations and clubs.

Is this my comfort zone? Hmm…? Maybe, not, I just enjoy having this stuff and routine.


This is unusual.

Ate Sandra, the Mindanao Pathways Project Officer for Educational Development, had shared her dream to me last night. We were at the office when she excitedly storied to me her dream about Cong. Arthur “Dodo” Y. Pingoy, the congressman for second district of South Cotabato.

She said that Dodo and she were having a small talk at the office. Is it about the CLP? , interrupting her. I thought that it is about the Computer Literacy Program of the Youth group, since Dodo is the major sponsor and partner of Pathways for that program. No, just listen, this is funny, she said. She continue her story, she tell me that in her dream Dodo had told her that Jesus Christ and him are bestfriends. Infact, they were always playing at the Alunan Avenue, the main road at the City, when they were still young. Dodo really wants to convince ate Sandra in her dream. He had also told ate Sandra that Jesus was from City of Koronadal and he was a true-blood MarbeleƱos. I laughed at it and almost cry hearing it from ate Sandra. Dodo told more about Jesus as our neighbor and his local friend who lived in our City. Her dream ends in promising that ate Sandra will not tell the secret of Congressman to anybody.

Does the dream want to tell something about Jesus Christ? Yes, I believe that Jesus is our friend, brother, and neighbor. Does this dream of Dodo have something to do with pathways? With ate Sandra? Is this a Good sign? Good omen?

I wish I will have a dream like that also. ;)

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