The last piece of the potato fries

I hope that the ending would be like blood and chocolates. But it would never be. Ours is different, it is more complicated than the mythical luguro love story.

Life is sweet like chocolates, those days that we are both happy, we don’t worry about tomorrow, of what concern us as long as we are both together. We know that it will not last but it will be forever. Though it hurts, as red as the Blood I will still have the feeling I have before. I know and I am thankful that you feel the same way too.

I’ll treasure every moment we have had, even how stupid some of those are. I learned and I’ll be a better person.

Though this is the last stick of the potato fries, I still crave for gravy. Whaah! But, I think will not eat it. I’ll just keep it in the refrigerator.

We will be Scientists of our own. Bestfriends we will be.

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