Further up the ladder

Whaah! I can’t deem that time is running so fast – that a day will just become an hour and the next morning you wake up, you will just be surprised that it is your graduation day already.
There are few days left before the opening of class this year. And I am very excited and thrilled about it, for I would now be experiencing my senior years. Whaah! Graduation is near also; I can smell now the bacon that is cooking. However, I am afraid of graduation for I am not sure if after it I will be confident enough to face and take my paths on my own.

Looking back from the few years I been through in college I have evaluated myself so feeble and frail still. Some say I am statically gullible and very trusting in dealing and having matter to other persons. They say that it has become my weakness and I am vulnerable of it. On the contrary, I did not see it as a chink in my part in fact I feel win-win over it. A tamed wolf will best represent me in this aspect. I might simply appear to them as Mark Aethen Agana, a guy who is very welcoming, considerate, and an academic-focused guy who just able to manage his time between studies and extra-curricular-activities; a guy who become kuya to other younger students who look at him as a role model.

Growing whole is not easy but can be taken slowly. I hope that I would be stronger, critical and true happy for whatever I go through in life. The wanting to be a Man of independence and stand is very intense to me.

Tougher year it would be.

It would even be more challenging this time since we would be having our thesis and system projects. Working with my 9 remaining regular survivor-classmates for a system on mobile-online grade inquiry and information system in Java platform is a larger than life project and very thought-provoking that will be left as legacy for the university to use.
I can’t wait to work for it with my team.

Expectantly, this year will be my last school year in undergraduate study. So sad.

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