Having a break…

Last day we attended the birthday party of Kuya Ayel at Alabel and have planned to extend it overnight at Crystal Island Beach (well its not that soundly organized but it ended so great. random pictures will be posted soon).

It was raining and the air was cold that day but, we never let it ruin the party. We really have great time with each other. We mounted sand castles, made sand sculptures that cover our body in the long shoreline of the white beach and unlimitedly swimmed to the waters of the virgin sea of Gumasa.

I really enjoyed the night, with them, with the place.

What was great is that we have taken pictures with the life and have posed for it capably. Moreover, being in the place will surely make you feel that you’re in paradise and have blend with the elements of the nature.

It was indeed a simple but wonderful party filled with fun and laughter and with unending sharing of anything that will pop-up in the air.

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