Sharing with you a letter below written by a fellow paddler for the President to Save the Philippine Dragon boat sport. I hope to help the federation by spreading and making this issue reach media's attention.

Dear Mr. President,

We would like to seek help from your office to give immediate attention and guidance to the current situation of the dragon boat sport in this country.

The Filipino dragon boat paddlers under the supervision of the Philippine Dragon Boat Federation or PDBF brought home numerous international awards in this sport, defending WORLD CHAMPIONS and WORLD RECORD HOLDER to name a few, yet the Philippine Sports Commission under the leadership of SOMEONE CLOSE TO YOU do not recognize the federation, stripped down all its rights as member of NSA without due process, and created a separate dragon boat national team under the the Philippine Canoe Kayak Federation or PCKF.

Current statistics show that PCKF has around 40-50 members only compared to PDBFs more than a thousand members. PDBF is the ONLY RECOGNIZED dragon boat association in the Philippines by the International Dragon Boat Federation or IDBF. From the latest letter of IDBF President to PDBF, only paddlers recognized by or members of PDBF will be allowed to race in local, regional, continental, and world dragon boat competitions for as long as it is governed or supervised by IDBF.

By stripping down the rights of PDBF from the NSA, PCKF will take over all of the existing rights and properties of PDBF including government funding to the WORLD CHAMPIONS.

And at the end of this month, PCKF will get ALL the dragon boats parked at Manila Bay and will make PDBF dragon boat paddlers unable to train for the upcoming competitions this September in Florida-USA for the World Championships and SAVA Sprints Singapore wherein FILIPINOS ARE THE DEFENDING CHAMPIONS.

As a paddler, a public relations practitioner, and as a Filipino, I am asking for your utmost consideration to look at the current situation of the sport where we excel, and help save Philippine dragon boat from doom.

We are willing to discuss this matter and present pieces of evidence to you for further reference.

Respectfully yours,
Curt Urbanozo


japoy said...

Go Phil. Dragon Boat...

Aethen said...

I'll stay with PDBF. They hold the truth.

arjay said...

nice blog entry.pdbf :).hope i can check it out soon.check my blog :)