Boracay Skimboarding

Skimboarding is cool and it hurts not that much since you got to fall in water or sand. Getting throated like sooooo would not convince me to put down this sport. I cannot even distinguish the last time I had a perfect ride. For I always got bruises…bloods! Baranggurangan tricks! LOL.

Skimboarding at Puka Beach and Boracay Island

I'm always amazed seeing friends raised up in waves and barrel. Gliding the roof and standing straight up with slight arch on their back. Like a little kid who happened to have a new toy, I set aside ...


DENASE said...

First to comment here. anyway, surfing is pretty a cool sport. Once I tried to surf in a zero-water pool ending up bruised and slightly fucked up. Lucky for you to have a good surfing area.

Have a good week end folk

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Dylan said...

Will definitely do this in Boracay this summer.

Are there any boards-for-rent in Boracay?

Aethen said...

Hey Denase, bring your surf board in bora or la union for perfect waves for surfing.

Endure and enjoy the bruises, you'll be proud of it soon - once you perfected dancing and riding with the waves.


Aethen said...


There are boards-for-rent in Boracay. They also offer free training when you rent those broads.

But, it's more fun if you self-learn - get some bruises LOL