Malaysia! I'll be back!

I’ll be back to Malaysia again soon! I need to taste different curry more.

Petronas Tower

Here are few reasons why I need to visit Malaysia again:

You can haggle to get to the fabled “best price". Go to china town and enjoy bargaining!

It has a good mix of westernization and the exotic east.

You can smoke cuban cigars in the Havana Club. If I’ve read the laws correctly, the legality of Americans smoking cuban cigars even in foreign countries is questionable, but happily, they don’t check your passport when you smoke one.

It’s inexpensive.

Malaysia is Not So Great Because…

Your freedom of speech is in question. Though you’re not likely to be hassled in any way by the authorities (they love tourists), I’d advise against doing your Che Guevara impersonation and loudly announcing your anti-establishment leanings.

The taxi drivers will gouge you. This is a weak one, but I’m all out of bad things to say about Malaysia.

Must places to go are Paneng and Kuala Lumpur!


Jack said...

you should also visit Thailand and Singapore ;)

Mark Aethen said...

I will maybe next year :) thanks for visiting