Global Xchange Team 107

Nine young Pinoys. Nine young British. Six months. Living and working together 24/7. Two countries. Outside your comfort zone. One life-changing experience.
GX Team 107 (From left to right): Marvie from QC, Mike from Ilo-ilo, Trixie from Leyte, Karl from Cainta, JoEd from Ilo-ilo, Toni from here (LOL!), Josh from Legaspi, Aethen, April from Manila, Des from Manila, and KC from Pangasinan.
Above are the young pinoys who will be representing the Philippines in this year Global Xchange Programme of British Council and VSO. I was fortunate to be part of the nine (9) young pinoys who will be sent to Hounslow, London as Youth ambassadors and volunteers. The programme has two phases: first phase will take place in London for three (3) months and another three (3) months will be in Cebu, Philippines.
Each one of us will be having a British counterpart as buddy throughout the programme and each pair will be housed to a host home.
As Joed said, the "Hunkslow" haha!
The exchange will happen on April 25. The nine of us will be flying to London central, United Kingdom.
Smart and wacky kids! Just perfect!
More than the exchange and the excitement, I'm pretty happy to be part of this exchange because of the awesome young individuals that will be my family for the next 6 months.


Anonymous said...

Greet the Queen when u get there in London :)

Enjoy Aethen!

Dave said...

Wow London!

Aethen said...

Ei thanks Guys. I'm excited and challenged :)

saggi said...

Have fun there! I'm sure it's gonna be a great learning experience. Drop by your site, I uberly miss Mindanao!

Aethen said...

Yes! London is gonna be fun :) I'm excited to learn, re-learn, and unlearn :)

I'll be flying back to Mindanao this Friday for a family gathering.