Who's your President?

The presidential race is on. From how it looks, the presidential election will a battle against personalities, not really on platforms.

I hope Filipinos will be able to discern and choose the right leader for our Country not only beacuse the candidate speaks well or has empathy for the poor. We must vote based on a candidate's plans and stand on key issues because good diction can only go so far.

This morning, a friend tagged me in Facebook the picture below. The information on it about the presidential candidates maybe limited but very useful for a reference, take time to study each plan-of-action.

God bless the Philippines!


Lawstude said...


Aethen said...

Right choice! Apir!

toxic disco boy said...

i still don't know who to vote for. hmmm... uuwi pa ako ng mindanao para lang bumoto. effort! kaya dapat may pagbabago na. sayang pera ko.

Aethen said...

Ako din Mike. Uuwi din sa May just to vote. see you. Go for Gibo! Hindi ka mabibigo!

Anonymous said...

Lets support Gibo!

tina said...

dont have a president yet. oh well. -_-

but thanks for this comparison.

Petiburges said...


si erap wala.
may executive experience naman siya ah. may accomplishment din (o relative naman ang definition ng accomplishment), may legislative work at higit sa lahat, madaming extra-curricular experience.


Aethen said...


Candidate pala si Erap? Kidding. His charisma to the masa and poor is very strong but our country need more that.


Aethen said...


vote Gibo! bow.