Of questions and confusions


Where would my life be if I had to say goodbye so soon now that I've been living on with my life filled with happiness?
No matter how much it would cost to hold on to that happiness then I would.
Sometimes it hurts so much to see someone leaving and yet you've just met in such a short time.
Sharing each other’s lives, the laughter, the tears, the struggle, the meals, the time and the friendship.
It would be so selfish of me to restrain of someone's life, future and happiness.
Happiness is whenever I see happiness in those eyes.
How much we could have spent time together.
Remembering the moonlight shining back at us where we both took the opportunity to bind ourselves into an unbreakable friendship.
How much I would miss the days we've spent together during the cold of the night.
Sharing each other’s thoughts and wonders.
Taking a ride on the highway where we both shared the tears and sorrow of our lives.
Comforting each other with the pain of yesterday.                    
They may say it is unusual, but I say this makes me happy.

How much I will miss you.
How much I will miss the happiness that surrounds me.
*I just found this old draft article in my archived offline files. I hope it's not too late to post this.


Anonymous said...

mukhang in love parin si aethen ah.

Lawstude said...

awesome prose mr modern hero:)

Aethen said...


this prose was long been written. I was still in college when I got the inspiration to write this. haha. so corny pala.


'charmel, open the briefcase!'

claps. galeng! galeng!

Aethen said...


'beans, deal or no deal?!'

adik oi. salamat. salamat. nagsasawa ka na ba sa melon shakes? try pomelo, beans!


nasusuka na ako sa melon shakes. kaya dapat makapunta ka sa UK para madalhan mo 'ko ng bagong recipe. haha. good luck!

Aethen said...

I hope to get that opportunity, geng. Excited na ako sa result ng application ko to UK. Bagong recipe lang gusto mo? Haha. Sigh.

Thanks! Apir!

May Che said...

Aethen! awwww katweet naman. haha! Goodluck sa UK. :)