Don't Ask Me to Kiss You, Because I will Movie Review

This Spanish comedy film entitled No me pidas que te bese, porque te besarĂ© (Don't Ask Me to Kiss You, Because I will) is about Albert who's repenting his decision to marry and takes guitar lessons with “special” people to distract himself before the wedding takes place or not. The story takes in making you think what makes us special and what makes us jerks. It is narrative and fun. You will find yourself laughing and feeling in love in the entire run of the film. This is my personal favorite among the film entries in this year's Pelicula Spanish Film Festival.


Amor said...

Kiss me, Mark! Lol.

Aethen said...

Muah. Muah. More kisses. :)

dencios said...

the genre of the movie dont interest me. this can be a no-choice-to-effin-watch-boring-film stuff. hahaha.

Aethen said...

if u just want to laugh and release your stress, watch this movie. best watch with friends. laugh together. simple story but fun. ;P

it's not boring. bow.

Sandra said...

this is a fun movie.

Meryl said...

Sounds fun!

Aethen said...

@Meryl, it was fun and entertaining. :)

Lawstude said...

1'll better check that out in my fave dvd stands. thanks for sharing.

Aethen said...

Yes Kuya, this you'll like this movie for sure. Check also the other titles of the film festival entries. ;)

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