Globe Free Apps Website Review

The possibility to download free applications is a big advantage for websites specializing on mobile application software. However, this way of innovation isn’t widespread. Recently, to further their services to their subscribers, Globe Telecom launched their online portal called Free Apps where subscribers can download free mobile and PC applications developed by members of the Globe Labs developer pool or popular applications coming from the web. This portal contains not only free mobile and PC application downloads but also a lot of interesting and useful information about Globe services and the mobile world.

Among its features, what I liked best about the site is its content which is not saturated with too much various information about the latest news in Globe services, applications, software reviews and whatnot. Also, when clicking the Free Apps tab, you will find a list of all free applications for different mobile devices. You can look through the applications available specifically for your phone model to personalize content listing. In the list of Free Apps, you will find top featured applications each with brief description and screenshots. Just click the Download button and you can save free software on your PC. There is also a quick view option where you can easily navigate through the most popular, highly rated apps and you can search for these apps by content type. Also, the Globe latest promos are listed also in the left section of the website.

The overall Globe Telecom website and Free Apps page has nice simple interface of a three-column page. The main frame contains the feature about the applications with screenshots, and right away the Free Download button. This presentation of section makes the site easy to navigate through.

As a recommendation to best the user navigation and experience, I suggest that the Globe team should make the download time from one page to another faster by using light content (graphics and other media) because if not, downloading a page will take years – they should make the site fast to load (this is one of a characteristic of a very good download site). Another is that the Globe site developers should also apply Search-engine friendly URL for shortcut and direct access on all pages.

Visit and download Free Apps here.


Anonymous said...

I downloaded MOBIMOKO app on the site. Globe has may other cool apps stored for their subscribers.

Thanks for posting Aethen!

Lawstude said...

i switched to iphone kasi eh but will definitely share this site to my globe-user friends.

Aethen said...


Try other services and applications that are free from Globe too.

Aethen said...


Yes, spread the news! There are more free apps available for all Globe subscriber. Please share. Thanks!