Food Sufficiency Program Bayan-anihan Launched

A Chinese philosopher once said, “Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for the rest of his life.

The same concept is the inspiration behind Bayan-anihan—Gawad Kalinga’s (GK) food sufficiency arm, which was established to eradicate hunger by empowering poor families to produce their own food via backyard or organic farming. It advocates for a hunger-free Philippines under the battlecry, “Goodbye Gutom! Empower the poor. Eradicate hunger.”

Young adults, teens, and children can play games, while the adults will have a cooking session using the harvested vegetables. As a fitting end to the ceremonial harvest day, delicious and nutritious meals made with the harvested vegetables will be shared by everyone.

Since this is a multi-sectoral movement, the national and local government units, schools, corporations and individuals, and the NGO’s, and the youth can be involved in several ways.

The government can help out by providing infrastructure, land and water, and giving funds for farm inputs. Schools can make training programs as part of the curriculum for faculty and students and can even train the community people as part of their practicum. Any corporation or individual, on the other hand, can sponsor or adopt a farm for P150,000, which will be enough to feed 30 families. They can also participate during planting days, salu-salo affairs, and other activities. Other NGO’s can also help by leading the implementation of this program in their communities using the Bayan-anihan model.

Lastly, the youth can lend a hand by training and by being one with the community through the planting and harvesting activities. With the youth’s help in sustaining the training, the poor will never have to go hungry again, and it will espouse self-sufficiency for the next generations.

By supporting Bayan-anihan, everyone can develop and polish values like self-worth, hard work, excellence, bayanihan (spirit of teamwork), and care for health and the environment.

Through efforts like this, the seeds of hope are planted in the hearts of many Filipinos. For sure, we can anticipate a prosperous and a food-abundant Philippines in the future.

Join Bayan-anihan and call the Bayan-anihan hotline at 09284382838 or visit the website, http://bayan-anihan.com to do your part in helping Pinoys bid farewell to hunger!


Anonymous said...

Waw! Goodbye Gutom na talaga 'to!

Aethen said...

Yeah! Goodbye Gutom campaign talaga! Hope that many people will support this program so that by 2012, we, all together, can truly shout, Goodbye Gutom!

visit: http://bayan-anihan.com for more info.

Toni said...

I would like to help. Where can I sign up for it?

Aethen said...

Hi Toni,

You may write your intention or you may pledge at http://bayan-anihan.com/contact/ page.

Thank you.

Bryan Karl said...

WOW, good effort here exerted by our fellowmen. Being an agricultural country, we must be able to feed ourselves ideally. Hope that time will come. :)

Aethen said...

Bryan, yep, that's true and right. Did you know that according to the latest survey, Philippines is 5th among the hungriest country in the world. I can't even believe that, I hope that this will be given solution asap.

I also found that twitter for food is helping out to this program. Here's the link: http://enklings.typepad.com/twitter_for_food/2009/07/welcome-banyan-anihan-to-twitterforfood.html

exander said...

Nice initiative! This issue is always been an issue ever since...but it is no joke! I will support for this..

Aethen said...

Yeah! This is the best and the only solution our Country has to fight hunger. Thanks for supporting. I hope you'll share this to more people.

Para sa bayan,

Lawstude said...

Hope it works this time. Good Luck.

Aethen said...

I hope that it will work too! Promising na program po 'to Kuya to fight hunger sa Pinas!