Sandbox: Alternative to Friendster & Facebook with Online Store

Register and join me here in Sandbox!

I found a new social network online that able one to recreate a playpen and get in touch with people known since one is very young. You may build network of friends even those you’ve known since you were a toddler. It’s fast, easy and mobile.

It is Sandbox - a portal that brings content and services you love on the web all in one place. In it, you can create a profile and update your status for your friends to see. It’s the easiest way to get a dose of the ongoing in your family and friends’ lives. You can upload and view photos and videos, write a blog or join a forum discussion.

This new network community was first introduced to bloggers at the start of the year but reportedly to have failed because of usability issues, now with Smart’s re-launched of MySandbox.com, I assured you of easy navigation and usability. MySandbox spiced up my web experience even I am away from my laptop. All the services are available on our mobile phones at affordable prepaid and postpaid rates. Aside from you may download music tracks and mobile games from it, you may also enjoy watching popular tv shoes and specials. What is even more exciting about it is that – it has services like friendster but with online store and also services like facebook but with online store. With all services Mysandbox has, it made blogging and accessing social networks on the mobile phone very cool!

Dying to experience Sandbox too? Check their website!


Anonymous said...

I have an account there already. I found it cool, and easy to use. thanks for posting.

Rea said...

whoa. infairness, ill be signing up in a while na. haha.

napanood ko lang xa actually sa tv, si mo twister nagpromote. ahaha

Aethen said...

But I realized that facebook is more friendly and easy. :D

aethen said...


hindi ko pa nakita ad nila sa TV but the site is cool.

lucas said...

napanood ko yung advertisement nito. ang dami nang networking sites! hirap pagsabay-sabayin. hehehe!

Aethen said...

Lucas, i-nominate ko blog mo sa 10 influential bloggers this year hap. wait mo list ko.

Oo mahirap pagsabayan lalo na pagmarami ka ng social networking sites. (sigh) pero am sticking with facebook parin. hehe.

No_Namer said...

okay.. thanks for the info... maybe i should check it out

Ada said...

Naka blogger pala itong aethen.com mu hehehe!!! stick with facebook ka parin haha after mu nablog toh LOL hahaha!

Aethen said...


Sige try mo! magiging masaya mga taga-sandbox. :D

Aethen said...


Oo blogger parin 'to. bumili lang ako ng domain tapos redirect. hehe.

Oo. mag-facebook parin ako!

zea said...

magpapakita ako kung may trabaho na ako. hehe. tosp finalist din si wilter. he'll be here at the end of the month. kita kits tayo ha. siguro naman by the i have work na :-)

Aethen said...

yep, i ws there during the screening. na-una pa nga ako inform sa kanya kysa natsec. hehe. I'll be facilitating during their national formation. text2!

toxic disco boy said...

kaloka is ur header! la ako masabi. LOL

Aethen said...

haha. apir, mike! iisa lang ang totoong umiihi sa tatlo. sino?

Anonymous said...

waw, just signed up my account for sandbox. ayos.. thanks for sharing mark. :)

Aethen said...

beans, asa ka ga-work subong? tell me how you find sandbox ha?! amping pirmi diha ah.

Anonymous said...

hey mark. october pa ko magraduate. :p wee.

anyway, gaexplore pa lang ko sa sandbox. mejo di pako at ease sa site. maybe soon. =)

halong man mark!

No_Namer said...


nga pla.. newbie lng ako sa pg bloblog e... advice nman.. ^_^

Aethen said...


sandbox is more of a market than a social network, beans. but its features are cool. try it.

Yehey! malapit na tayo mag-grad ah. All the best, beans.

Kamusta sa mga kaila dira ah. amping!

aethen said...


Jan09 ka pala nagstart magblog. cool. seems you have many blogs na din. what advise you need from me? am no master in blogging. hehe. just enjoying the online thing by expressing and making friends. also by earning small. hehe.

explore. enjoy. engage!

HOMER said...

Thanks for voting today hope u VOTE AGAIN TOMORROW.Go to this site to vote www.salaswildthoughts.blogspot.com Tnx!

triZzZ said...

yay I've seen the tv ads of mysandbox for how many times already. Kala ko naman exclusive siya sa Smart users. Kasi smart pasimuno yata pasimuno nun diba? Yeah it looks cool, i'm going to sign up.

ay agree ako kay lucas. ang hirap magjuggle ng networking sites. di ko na alam kung ano dapat kong iupdate palagi.

Lawstude said...

make way for sandbox then.

TheMovieGoer said...

Wow, I'll try this one. Nagtataka nga ako kung ano ba talaga to since Smart aired the commercial. I thought pareho lang din to ng Uzzap. hehe.

MsCandyBlush said...

I'm happy I was able to stumbled here, I'm going to try that out, sakto may online store pa naman ako hehehe

No_Namer said...


since jan 09?? nung april lang ako ng start... naimpluwenxa lang ni jhelo... i want to earn din kasi e.. kaya ako ng bloblog... ^_^

Aethen said...


Congrats for winning the contest.

Aethen said...


This is a Smart powered and owned site. Any mobile phone networks can be integrated in sandbox.

Like you and Lucas, I maintained many networking sites too but I able to manage all of them. Maybe, it is because I am more active online.

Hey TrizzZ, long time no hear from you ah. Musta na studies?

aethen said...


Yes, I agree with you kuya -make way for sandbox then.

Aethen said...


Uzzap application in integrated there too.

Aethen said...


Yeah! That will best serve you since you have an online store. You should try.


jan09 mo ginawa blog mo. maybe you should focus more on content to establish site integrity and authority before earning. pero ikaw, strategy lang naman yan eh.

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