define programmer

Pure random-ness.

1) pro·gram·mer (n) An organism capable of converting caffeine into code.

2) Semi-sentient being who inexplicably survives an extremely unhealthy lifestyle. Usually found in confined spaces with low lighting, at a computer terminal.

3) One who can read the following example

if( !User.IsProgrammer ){
return "Everyone Else";

Taken from UrbanDictionary.


Aethen said...

hate it being one but I love the toxic life of being one.

exan said...

hi there aethen.. i know you, you really love toxic life....hehehehe
well, i am a frustrated programmer...i cud say i was good at it during college years but this time...i dunno...my nature of work and hectic administrative works will not anymore allow me to code to produce a system....

even how hectic your scheds are, do not forget to have some extra care of yourself...

see u soon!

the donG said...

and the old way was just reading and setting binary numbers.

mariancalago said...

link exchange?

marco said...

a programmer has following task cycle:

code,eat,code,drink coffee,code,then code, then code, until his eyes bulge out.


good day kuya

Aethen said...


frustrated programmer ka dyan! Coach ka kaya ng programming team sa Davao. Hahaha. Galing-galing mo kaya!

Programming needs constant practice kasi eh.

You take care too.

see u soon!

Aethen said...

@kuya dong

ganito ba yun kuya?



Aethen said...


sure, tell me when you are done linking me.

Aethen said...


I have this task cycle as programmer:

code, coffee,code, coffee,then code, then code, until his eyes bulge out, too.


Jehzeel Laurente said...

A programmer is not me.

It's you! :D

yun lang.. hehehe

Lawstude said...

ibig sabihin, di ako programmer lol.

The Siraniks said...

Pro-Grammar... este Pro-Grammer...

1010 1001
1100 1011
1010 1110
1001 1111



Parang Puro-Grammar

Aethen said...

@Jehzeel Laurente

Actually hindi naman ako programmer. web developer ako. haha. technically some programming works lag ginagawa ko.


Aethen said...


Oo hindi ka programmer, Lawyer ka! CPA pa gid! Hahaha.

Aethen said...


Ano yan? ahahaha. sakit yan sa ulo. 11001100 11010010 10101 101 11 110.


The Siraniks said...

it supposed to be shown as "Hi" in bit format, tsk tsk... hindi yata na-accept yung spaces ko...

yan tuloy... hehe...
sakit nga sa ulo ang mga codes...

Aethen said...

sinabi mo ba, siraniks!

stan said...

tt is an enigma to me - totally! lol

Aethen said...

hahaha. really? was also to me. Lol.

I am JT said...

You are a programmer.

Why? Because you write, test, debug/troubleshoot and maintain source code of computer programs [1].

Modifying extensions for Joomla! counts because it's a web application[2] and the latter are computer programs.


1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ProgramMing
2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_application

Aethen said...

Thanks John for the clarification.

Yes, I am a programmer on web development, technically.


The Trashman said...

programmer: Next is insanity pag nosebleed na maxado..haha