christmas parties and the Boni kids

Thinking what I can do this Christmas.

Hi friends and bloggers, here I am again. So how was your Christmas parties and celebration? I had a great time with officemates, friends and family. I did have hangover on the some few parties but manage to get over it.

I'll be celebrating my christmas away from home but will be welcoming new year in Mindanao. I'm going home on December 28 for some family and friends celebrations and get-together and will be back after a week in Manila, January 5 (I guess that would be enough vacation and rest). After that, I'll be back to my exciting and challenging life here in Manila (which I enjoyed). Work. Study. Work. Study. Work. Study. Work. Party. Work. And the cycle goes on.

This new year, my mother have already reserved and prepared for it and our family would likely have to spend the night on the roads watching the fireworks. It can be fun though hopping here and there neighbor's houses in our subdivision and cheering with the crowd for the New Year. Let's see what happens. I'll blog it here. Moreover, my high school classmates will be having our christmas party slash community service in Lake Sebu (the summer capital of the Philippines in Mindanao) on December 29. It will be a grand reunion of "the chosen children of Newton" (Our batch name - named before of section in senior high) since all of us already graduated and were professionals. We have planned the reunion to be meaningful this year by extending and sharing our gifts, talents, and blessings to others in the land of the dream weaver (Lake Sebu), where the natives of T'boli's tribe is living.

That excites me. I can't wait to come home.

Speaking of Christmas parties, last Sunday, I, John Rex and Ace, my fellow TOSP batchmates, and some leaders from Ayala Young Leaders Alliance organized a Christmas party for children in Boni, Mandaluyong city. It was a simple party for the children in that squatter area but the event made their parents cry for letting their children feel the season of Christmas.

We played and party with them. Globe and Meralco (our sponsors), distributed some loot bags, books, and goodies.

Seeing their smiles is already the best gift I received this christmas, making them happy and special adds meaning to what we have made.

I hope everybody share the same love to others. (I'll post some pictures soon)

By the way, I am still rushing here and there to buy the last minute Christmas gifts. I still have some items to buy for my nephews and siblings. I don't want to be frantic looking for the perfect gift in the last minutes. I don't want to be panic-stricken again. Here, I'll share you some tips in completing your Christmas shopping list in last minute.

First and foremost, don't get panic-stricken. Sit calmly and jot down what gift you can buy easily within this weekend. To decide about the gifts, think and choose or create gift with love (may it be material or not). Gourmet baskets, a high capacity UPS, handbags, photo frames, gift certificates can be a good last minute Christmas gifts options as they are easily available. If there is really isn't way out there, then what about making a gift basket yourself. Usually cookies and chocolates are in store in most of the homes, so you can decorate a gift basket full of cookies and chocolates and give them to your friends. If you are still confused about what to give, then Christmas flowers bouquet can be an option. Collect the seasonal flowers and present them with a big smile and wish your near ones a very Merry Christmas. After all, it's the thoughts that matters.

Anyways, Happy New Year to all of you. I wish everyone of you have a peaceful and prosperous New Year 2009.


Happy birthday to Kuya AJ! An online mba could be the answer.


Ayel said...

Nice activity, mark!

May gnawa rin ang batchm8s q sa aylc.

Aethen said...

It was fulfilling, yel. gusto ko ngang i replicate dyan sa south cotabato eh when i go home.

Merry christmas!

Btw, kasama namin si ate Dred. :)

JuanDerPul PINOY said...

Nice one Aethen!
Meron din kaming ganyang party.. for the kids naman na nakatira sa riles..

Aethen said...

JuanDerPul event! Keep doing it. Natutuwa ako kasi gumagawa kayo ng mga simpleng bagay na katulad nito para sa malaking kasiyahan ng mga bata sa riles. Mabuhay!

Invite mo ako next time sa mga activities nyo :D

Share the love.

bugITs said...

kewl sangay! ikaw lang talaga ang nag-iisa at kagalinggaling na sangay ko..

merry christmas!

Aethen said...

salamat sangay kong nagtatampo. Hehe.

Maligayang pasko!

I am JT. said...

What about our office's Christmas Party? ;)

In case you're wondering, no, I haven't posted about it myself. :D

Lawstude said...

Merry Christmas aethan, my friend, and many more blogging years and returns to come. Again, Happy Holidays!!!

Aethen said...

@I am JT (John Tan) - Oh, our Christmas party rocks! I enjoyed the night but sorry I was not drinking that night. Want to be a good boy. :D

You got blog pala. Haha. will link you. see you around.

Happy holidays!

Aethen said...

@Kuya Oman (a.k.a. Lawstude) - Merry Christmas din kuya, my friend. Wish you the same and even more.

Happy holidays! Share. Love. Celebrate.

exan said...

A good example of the real meaning of Christmas...being a person for others...sharing your blessings...and being Christ-like in some little ways.

Congratulations and Keep it up!

Merry Christmas.

Aethen said...

Christmas is about Love and shAring it to others. Thanks, Exan. Merry Christmas!

Borgeee (O_o) said...

Socsargen Bloggers Christmas Videoke Party

At 6:00pm tonight..

Frank Sinatra Room Music Box Family KTV, Santiago Blvd GSC.

Bring Php100 and Christmas Gift worth Php100..

See you!!!

Aethen said...

Im still in Manila, will be back on Dec28 sa Gensan. Sa Sunday nlng kasi ang party. huhu.

Anyway, enjoy kayo! Will be with you guys in spirit. Merry Christmas!

Enjoy! Happy Holidays!

aiLee920 said...

hi, just dropping by!!! nice blog you got here... hehehe:D
pls. visit mine too!!! thanks!!!
Happy New Year to you and your family!!!

Zaldy said...

Happy New Year!!!

lucas said...

ang saya naman nun. it's always nice to come and be with your family and friends especially this christmas and new year season :)

goodluck sa work, studies, at parties! ahehe! happy new year!

the donG said...

astig at least uuwi ka naman pala sa inyo. ingat dyan at enjoy mo na ang panahon na nandyan ka.

Aethen said...

@aileen920 and Zaldy, salamat for visiting aethen's blog. May you have a great new year ahead!

Aethen said...

@Lucas (a.k.a Ron) - It's always nice to be with my family and friends.

Again, I feel not going back to all the circus manila is offering.

Being in the province keeps me away from stress and pressure.

Salamat for wishing me luck, Ron!

God bless to your studies! More of you next year!

Aethen said...

@kuya Dong - yep umuwi ako ulit. Namiss ko sobra family ko. Hehe. Pinauwi pala ako talaga kasi miss nila ako. Haha.

Pumunta pala ako sa Lake Sebu kanina kuya Dong, the lake is always relaxing and amazing.

Maligayang bagong taon!

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