on work and studies

I can now relate on how yuppies live their life while working, on waking up early in the morning to prepare for work, on cramming just to finish a project before deadline, on how to deal with your boss or even bosses, on how to build professional relationship with your co-workers, and on how some justify the pay against workloads. These are some of the experiences that a young professional is living through in the world of work. The aim may be rewarding and fulfilling (well, I don’t know to others but with me, reward and fulfillment = happiness; but I did not yet say I am happy with my work now, I need to be aware of it first) ending to being happy with it.

The need to be productive maybe triggered me to apply for job, jobs actually. I realized that my course load this semester is not that heavy and does not demand time (I guess) from me, in fact, I had more unused time than time spent to school, two-thirds conceivably. Thus, I decided to send his resume to IBM, WorldPartner Inc., and Convergys to test his level of employability. The following day after sending application, Convergys phoned first, a staff from their recruitment team told to me the schedule of my interview at Makati. I went on scheduled date, passed their screening process, done their final interview, and given a post as agent. Then discernment took place, but hey give me time to decide. Next day, I emailed Convergys that I made real of myself and found that I am not for the Job but can do the work. On the same day, afternoon, WorldPartner Inc., emailed and phoned me that I was scheduled to have an interview the next day in their company for the job as Junior Software Developer. It is a Danish owned company based here in the Philippines that does IT outsourcing for European clients. As expected, the interview was nose-bleeding, but I did not know that the interview comes with a series of logical and analytical test on programming and web development. Good thing, concepts and what I learned from being a CS student (skills) supported me answering the problems and case analogies although I seldom practicing it. After that day, Henrik, the Dane senior partner of the company sent me an email where an employment contract was attached and a message that I may start working the following week if all the terms are acceptable to me. After few days of reviewing the contract that offers has very good conditions favorable for both parties, and after family and friends consultation, I did not hesitate anymore to inform Henrik that I’ll accept the job. Yehey! At that moment I was very happy to have a job to work on but not yet a career that I’ll be content, well maybe yes. I understand IBM is a big company and reviewing CVs of applicants vying for a job position is a long screening process so I did not wait it and just set my mind in working at WorldPartner Inc.

On my first day of job, I came early, introduced to different departments (they responded with geeky looks but friendly smiles), oriented on company’s policies (there are few, employees enjoy freedom more), given me my own terminal, and started the work with simple web correcting, replacing, copying and pasting of elements (lols). It was fun (well, may be for my first day, we will see until the workload gets heavy), but some things were not familiar, adapting and learning is my defense for it. On the same day, IBM phoned that I am considered for the post of System Analyst and was invited for an interview the next day. Decision making is to be enforced by perspicacity whether to entertain the interview for the post or just be happy with the job landed. I haven’t yet signed the contract when IBM called on my phone last Monday, so I was still thinking of trying my luck in the interview and decide later which is best. The following day, oversleeping decided for me about that matter, I wake up exactly the time of my scheduled interview for IBM, so I just called them an alibi that I am not feeling well and I am not able to attend the interview. Clearly, that event would put my application on the least list of priority. Anyways, that how life’s work, I just continued my sleep to fully charges myself for work.

Life is getting exciting to me, I can feel the pressure.

I never thought that I can be both full-time graduate student and worker. I pray that I be able to sustain to manage my work and studies while juggling it both at the same time. I also pray that I entertain any cash advance loan.

This is my life now. The life I chose. The life I made. The life I got. Get yours!

Have a great day everyone!


cherry said...

I am sure can manage both work and study well, Aethen.

God bless always.

Aethen said...

Thanks, cherry. Actually I am starting to feel excited about my life now - working while studying. It is more challenging.

Gb also. :D

Fjordan Allego said...

wow! congrats aethen!! kaya mo yan!! kaw pa!!! galing galing mo nga eh!


webslave said...

I salute you dude!!! astig! yan ang galing ng isang iskolare!

i know you can manage that sir! hehe..

btw, off comment lang, do you know any direct email to any person at dost main office? malaki prob ko ngaun sa dost.. waaaaa

thanks dude..

Aethen said...

@fjordz - salamat kapatid. nasa terminal ko ako ngayon. pressing keyboards and making runs.

hay. hirap pala maghanapbuhay. :D

Aethen said...

@webslave - Ill check later sa email list ko. nasa office na kasi ako eh.

RONeiluke, RN said...

hanep! hanga ako sayo mate! kaya mong pagsabay-sabayin yang mga yan? lupit! mahina ako sa multi-tasking kaya one at a time lang ako...hehehe!

thanks for your compliment, about the banner..hehe! peace out!

Aethen said...

tawag lng ng pangangailangan, rone. I am good at management and doing multiple tasks at a time eh. sanayan lng yan tapos dapat enjoy parati. well, experience counts more than oue tries.

you cool talaga pare. promise. also your banner.

patricio.el.suplado said...

I don't have any idea what kind of companies you've mentioned above are, save for IBM.
Well anyways, congrats then for that job! Libre ko ha? ahehe. Tnx in advance!!

Aethen said...

Toinks. WorldPartner is a Danish owner IT outsourcing company.

Libre? after 3 month pa ako yayaman.

bugITs said...

hahah! welcome to the club! blee

Aethen said...

club? nasa workplace ako! hahaha. Kidding, sangay. :p

wanderingcommuter said...

goodluck to you dude, hope you have a great time!!!

Aethen said...

Yeah, I hope so. thanks kuya. :P

the donG said...

aethen, congratulations! now you're in thw real world! as if studying was not real (not real in the sense that it's different from what you'll be doing as an employee).

keep up a good attitude. take initiatives and do your best.

Aethen said...

Thank you for those points of advice, kuya dong. I'll do good, always. Yeah, I agree, work is the real world, it will test your ability to survive. It's good also that I can now (perhaps) apply what I learnt from school into practice. In short, mapapakinabangan na ako ng bansa. Hehe.

my concern now is: fighting stress. Lols.

Jehzeel Laurente said...

basta smile ka lang palagi :D yay!

Victor Kiu said...

Good luck for you!!

Aethen said...

@jehz, parang coke commercial ah!

Aethen said...

@Victor Kiu - thanks.

Ayel said...

oi, balancing stunt! Hehe. Kaya mo 'yan. Pero hinay-hinay lang tsong!

Mikko said...

Uie, nagtatrabaho na siya.. LOL..

Abou said...

mukhang wala ka nang oras mag lablayp parekoy ha ha ha

Aethen said...

@ayel - hahahaha. hirap magbalance. salamat tsong. kaw din hinay-hinay lng dyan.

get well soon. tc always.

Aethen said...

@mikko - oo, mikko. magtratrabaho na ako. nagtratrabaho na pala. hehe. exciting.

Aethen said...

@parekoy (abou) - hahaha. lablyf? wala na akong oras dyan. hehe. kailangan kong mag-focus pag-aaral, pagtratrabaho ta pagiging mabuting bata. hehe.

Lawstude said...

congratulations for turning into a fine young man. keep it up.

Marites said...

congrats! mao diay dili na kaayo plurk? busy na sa life:)ayo-ayo diha..ingats and God bless. unsaon na ni karon, backburner ang lablayp.

aethen said...

@lawstude - thanks to the environment where I reared. :D

quincyjohn said...

sige dude..
as long as your happy,
as long as you don't forget your health,
as long as you can cope with studies and workloads,
as long as you can still be gentle with yourself,
as long as you can still have time to party,
as long as you don't forget the Lord,


just don't run alone.

Aethen said...

@marites - hi, te marites! salamat. oo nga hindi na ako nakakapag-plurk kasi busybusyhan sa life.

kamo man halong dira pirmi. God bless.

Gani, backburner gid ang lablyf. cge lng gud, makahulat man ang lablyf. makahulat man sila. hehe.

Aethen said...

@quincy - thanks bro.

don't worry...

I always find happiness in everything i do,
I always put health on top of my priorities,
I always make sure that all is balance,
I always and will be more gentle to myself,
I always party even there is no celebration,
I always remember Him,


I am running with you, guys, and with Him.

TC always. :P

rea remegio said...

huwaw! finally, hehe.
im excited to be part of the real world too! haha.

aja! way to go aethen! weeh!

God bless!

Aethen said...

yeah! it's exciting! thanks rea!

God bless you, too.


REA said...

tnx too aethen! hehe.
id love to have the link bout the psyc test u said. :D

tnx in advance! lamat sa pagdropby sa page ko. wee!

janus said...

congrats.. at ako'y naiinggit sa iyo... godbless sayo pare.. and i moved again. hahaha..

Josh of Arabia said...

mabuti naman at kilala mo pa rin si Kuya AJ :)..nakkita ko ang sarili ko sa iyo nong naguumpisa pa lang ako, - full of idealism and enthusiam. surely with ur wit, intelligence and skill, u go a long way..slowly but surely, u can make it there..always go for advice and/or 2nd opinion from ur elders, ..you'll go a long way, i know. balitaan mo kami :)

Aethen said...

@ REA - It's the MBTI test. you actually get those for psych exams.
also available here: http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/JTypes2.asp

Aethen said...

@Janus - ano dapat ka-inggitan sa akin, janus? hahaha. Salamat. God bless din bro.
I'll visit your new place. :P

aethen said...

@Kuya AJ - syempre naman po kuya. talaga? aethen = kuya AJ (before)?
I am more of a visionary than ideal. as you have said, "always go for advice and/or 2nd opinion from ur elders", thank you kuya. I always remember that advice from you. :D

with God's blessings and will, I hope you'l words will bring me there.

take care always.

Xerwin said...

psst!! ei ur really a busy guy ryt now.. gudluck!

..bl-an ko my time k gyapon for gimmicks! hahaha.. (^_^)

Aethen said...

wala na gani. kailangan ko tulog. hahaha.

Wilfred John said...

asus.. =))

Josh of Arabia said...

my dear young brother aethen, the visionary (true, you are)..so continue to inspire the youngblood around..

yeap, il be home by dec for the holidays, i jst hope to see you then, i'l b glad to take pix wd u..

keep me posted.

ps: you're better than i am.

Aethen said...

kuya Josh from arabia, pasalubong ko ha. will see you this dec. :D

Aethen said...

@wilfredo - asus ka dyan. :P

Meryl said...

Wow, ang sipag naman! Good luck on your career, hahahaha. :D

aethen said...

Hi, Meryl! Matagal na hindi kita na kita sa blogosphere ah. musta na? mis u. hehehe.

salamat. oo, kailangan magsipag. dami na kasing anak na kailangan buhayin. kaw din Good luck sa career.

tc always.

Anonymous said...

welcome to the real work of work mark!=)God Bless!your such a smart guy, you can do it!

Anonymous said...

welcome to the real world of work mark!=)God Bless!your such a smart guy, you can do it!

Aethen said...

Hi, Anonymous! Thanks for the comment. salamat sa compliment, that made me more confident to face the world.

I hope magpakilala kayo. hehehe.

God bless always. :D

Meryl said...

Hey. I miss you more. Onga eh, sa Multiply ako nagbablog kasi. Hehe. Ingat ka din. :)

cors said...

I work in IBM Business Services. Were you supposed to have the interview in the Eastwood office? I’m based there. Sayang, if ever, magkikita sana tayo dun.

Good luck on your first job!=)

REA said...

weeh. i got it na. tnx for posting back sa blog ko.

i tried it already last week. hehe.

Aethen said...

@Meryl - bibisitahin ko multiply mo. :D sobrang busybusyhan lng talga ako eh.

Miss you too. :D

Aethen said...

@cors - yes cors, I supposed to have my interview at eastwood for the pos (System Analyst) sa IBM if not because of over-sleeping. hehe.

the opportunity is very compensating (not only financially) but I am happy now that I decided to choose WP. :D

Mabye next time, magkakasame company tayo.

Hope to see you soon. :D

Aethen said...

@REA - what was the result? positive? kidding. what type of personality. look for the explanation for the type. better ask the psychologist. :D

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