the 2nd mindanao bloggers summit

the mindanao bloggers summit 2

The success of the 2nd Mindanao bloggers summit was echoing from all the corners of the blogosphere. It was a lot fun than MBS1 in terms of participation and impact.

Meeting friends from UP Mindanao

Almost half of the numbers of participants were from General Santos City, many were from Davao also, and some from Cagayan de Oro, Zamboanga, Cotabato, and other parts of Mindanao, there were guests from Manila too. Mostly of the participants were young and new in blogging.

Posing with blogger friends from Davao

Mikko and I were early and busy welcoming the delegates arrived at the venue. DeeJames even tagged us as the Blogger sucks guy [Mikko] and Skull head guy [Moi] because of our tee prints.

Avel "Bariles" Manansala

Avel Manansala welcomed the participants and gave the overview of the summit. The bloggers who attended the summit appreciated the preparations made by Bariles to host the this year's summit. His leadership was really influential which made the summit possible with so many sponsors supporting it.
Oliver "Blogie" Robillo

Next to talk was Blogie who gave the background how the Mindanao blogger community was formed, and how MBS was initiated.

Pierre "Jexter in Exile" Galla

After which, City Mayor of GenSan, Hon. Mayor Pedro B. Acharon Jr., has a message delivered by his representative, Councilor Meg Santos. The message was about how blogging is understood by non-bloggers and its impact on online media. On the program, Pierre Galla talk was next, he is known online as the jester-in-exile, he talked about the perspective of the north on Mindanao: “Looking South: An outsider pundits about Mindanao Politicis, History, and Commentary”.

Manong Hecky talk about Peace in Mindanao

Setting the summit theme “Mindanaowon, Paminawon Intawon” and content were the speakers, Bobby Timonera on Photoblogging: Images and Stories behind the pictures which was scheduled in the afternoon session, Hector Miñoza [MindanaoKINI] on the topic “Mindanao Consciousness: Reshaping Social Outlook and Identity”, and Walter Balane [Istambay sa Mindanao] who talked about the “Voices from Mindanao Heartroots. Notes on Life and living in the Communities". Their talks were focus on How to promote Mindanao using the new media – blog.

The lunch was sponsored by Family Country Hotel and Convention Center’s catering service.

Ms. Aileen Apollo on Google's service talk

After the hearty lunch, session resumed. Aileen Apollo started talking and presenting about the service offered by Google. Then, Ms. Ria Jose talk on “Blogging the entrepreneurial way of life” followed.

Bob Timonera on Photoblogging

Photoblogging talk was done by Bob Timonera followed by series of shout outs by an active Davao Blogger, Remo-tito Aguilar, “Bone MD” who loves outdoor adventures, Buddy Migs who shared about Tech blogging, Mikko who shouted as Student blogger.

Aethen shouting out as Advocacy blogger.

Second batch of shouters on list were: Oliver “Blogie” Robillo who gave insights on blogging about food, I was included in the list of shout out speakers and talked about being an Advocacy Blogger. Mr. Bariles ended the shouting on his topic of being a Place blogger.

And also Mr. Lyle Santos, a surprise shouter on the summit, shared about optimizing and monetizing blogs. Each of the shouters were given 15 minutes to share their experiences with blogging, based from their chosen niche and be able to provide additional tips to the participants.

The MBS Resolution was read and presented to the participants. You may read the resolution here. At the end, aside from than the feeling of excitement and enthusiasm among the delegates who deeply felt that they belonging to the community, the summit resulted and offered to/them a renewed way of blogging and understanding about Mindanao.

Dinner at Crab-A-Crab Resto

Hope to see you guys on MBS3!


Anonymous said...

nICE meeting you, aethen, at the summit. :D

the jester-in-exile said...

naks, reportage!

it's "the jester-in-exile", kapatid :D

see you when i get back. :D

the jester-in-exile said...

naks, reportage!

it's "the jester-in-exile", kapatid :D

see you when i get back. :D

Fjordan Allego said...

saya naman!!!

kelan balik mo nyan?


triZzZ said...

wow. Another MBS passed. Still failed to join. I wish they have ManilaBS with great facilitators and organizers like MBS. I guess I'll have to wait for MBS3.(sana nasa davao ako ng mga panahong yun...) *sigh*

Sure the participants had a blast.

inggit ako. haha.


Hector Miñoza said...


galing mo kapatid, wa na ko say...

happy holiday


Lollii-Pii said...

I'm happy I met you kuya,...
lolengs..God Bless po^^..

Pangit Ster said...

Hi there! Nice meeting you. See you on MBS3 :D

deejames said...

tee heee heee.. hello Mr. Skull Head Guy.. wakekekeke... nice meeting you and see you nalang sa MBS3 or sa mga next blogger event.. weeeeee..

Aethen said...

@the jester-in-exile, see you when I get back to Manila, kuya. Thanks for correcting. :D

Aethen said...

@fjordz - sa November 3 [lunes] balik ko manila, fjordz. November 5 interview ko sa company nyo. :d

Aethen said...

@trizZz - Yes, it was a blast. Cge lets pray that on MBS3 you are there, with us. :D

@manong hecky, salamat kuya. Bilisan sa pagreport eh. :D

@lolli - pii, same here. See you in MBS3.

Aethen said...

@pangitster - yeah, same here. See you in MBS3! Sana sa Basilan o tawi-tawi naman para mas-exciting.

@deejames - pinangalanan mo talaga kami ni mikko ha. mga makukulit pa tlga. Hahaha. Header ko, djames ha. Thanks. :d

RONeiluke, RN said...

very well documented ang event na ito ah..cool :)

bakit ba walang ganyan dito sa manila? lagi na lang dyan sa Mindanao? hmmm...mas active siguro mga blogero dyan noh?


have a nice day.

Aethen said...

@roneiluke, rn - need to post it eh, kasi need to inform the north also bout this event. Cge, we will organize such event sa Manila. Dami naman kasing meet ups sa Manila eh, join ka minsan.

Mas-active and bonded ang mga bloggers dito as community.


Have a great day, too.

Spiderman said...

sobrang inggit ko! lol.. I haven't witnessed once again the summit, Mindanaoan pa naman ako...

Thanks for the post, comprehensive!

Congrats! MBS3, pupunta na ako nyan..

Mikko said...

Grabe talaga ang pagdescribe satinn ni DeeJames. Waaaa, wala pa akong MBS2 post.

Aethen said...

@spidey - dapat pumunta ka kung hindi patay ka sa akin :D

Aethen said...

@mikko - Oo nga tinawag pa tayo sa tee print natin. hehehe. kaka-aliw naman. :D

Mag-post ka na!

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