527 DOST-SEI scholarship slots granted

Last June 30, 2008 at Manila Hotel, the Department of Science and Technology-Science Education Institute (DOST-SEI) awards scholarship grants to 527 qualified individuals for
Masters and PhD degrees.

signing of the scholarship contract

DOST Secretary Estrella F. Alabastro said the government is very determined to establish a pool of science researchers, engineers and educators, with MS and PhD degrees in the country in the contract signing ceremony of the scholar-grantees.

Dr. Ester B. Ogena, Director of the DOST-SEI, said the qualified graduates underwent rigid selection, both by the screening committee and the DOST’s sectoral Councils.

“For the Philippines to be at par with our regional partners in terms of science and engineering we need more graduates taking up MS and PhD courses,” she added.

From left (fellow scholars in UPD): moi, Claude Ceniza (from USC-Talamban Campus - taking MS Biology), and Nilo Bait (from UP - taking MS Biology)

Under the Accelerated Science and Technology Human Resources Development Program and the Engineering Research and Development for Technology Program 521 applicants were qualified with 413 going to MS and 108 to PhD courses.

I was granted this scholarship program which enables me to pursue my MS at University of the Philippines – Diliman. This scholarship program of the Department of Science and Technology-Science Education Institute (DOST-SEI) through PCASTRD covers actual tuition and school fees, monthly stipend of 12,000.00pesos, transportation allowance, book allowance, and thesis project budget of PHP30,000.00.


Mikel said...

Congrats, Aethen. Good because you have this scholarship to finance your MS. God bless.

cielo said...

Congrats to you....you are really a mother's pride♥♥♥

bugITs said...

congrats sangay! by the way, the school of the second guy.. is near my previous college.. weeeeeeee. talamban campus! ya ha!

arnie said...

grabe...ang galing mo talaga.
anglaki ng stipend mo ha.. blow out naman jan.;)

Ayel said...

dami nyo pala... good! Master!

bariles said...

Congrats again mark! Sa sobrang tuwa mo siguro kaya mo napost na July 28 ito nangyari.

How's UP Diliman? Wala pa rin ako sa Blogroll mo ha? Tampo ako. :(


Aethen said...

@cielo - not actually, they are just expecting it. Hahaha. Kiddin'

@bugIts _ Yup. Kilala ko na sya before taga-Talamban Campus sya. Been there also.

aethen said...

@aRNIE - Nyok. Blow out ka jan. Kulang pa nga yan sa pagbudget ko ng expenses ko eh for one month. Dami akong plano kasi eh. Hanap pa nga ko part-time work para masmagling.

aethen said...

@ayel - yep marami kami... pero konti lng freshgrad ang granted ng program halos mga professionals na at continuing students. Pero masaya.

Aethen said...

@bariles - thanks. corrected. dapat june 30 yon haha.

Im doing good in Diliman. Oi, ang pag-organize ng MBS2 jan ha. Musta?

bariles said...

Magaling, magaling, magaling!

Re MBS2, kami nina Hector and Aryel ang nag-uumpisa ng mga dapat gawin. Si Aryel, napansin kong maya pagka-O.P.M. (oh, promise me).

Ask him why. :)


Aethen said...

@bariles - what do you mean by my pagka-OPM(oh, promise me!). Sigurista? Hehe.

cors said...

Hi there!Wow,congrats!

Good luck living the "big city life".

Aethen said...

Thanks, cors. Yep. I'll enjoy my stay here in the big city. :)

harold said...

wow, another year, another mile, another bunch of scholar! goodluck pipz and welcome to the community! XD