happy with ur nose?

With my graduation picture, I feel that I am more gifted and bless to have a good face (?). I hope that my picture will be placed on front page of our batch yearbook (Awardees page).

While having our lunch at Taberuti, a karenderia near the University where we usually have our lunch, Ate Sandra teased me to for having a not so tall nose. But I teased her back the same because she has a funny shaped-nose which highlight the big dark mole at the tip.

We both end up laughing the imperfection of the size and shape of our nose. Though we both have these nose flaws, we are still happy with this nose. We wound not become, Mark and Sandra if the appearance of our nose is different.

I don’t understand why there are still Filipinos who are interested in improving the appearance of their noses and seek consultation with facial plastic surgeons. Were they not happy because they were born with that kind of nose?

Some reason might be considered for not wanting the nose they have - an injury may have distorted the nose, or the goal may be improved breathing.

They said that the nose is the most defining characteristic of the face; a slight alteration can greatly improve one's appearance. But I won’t dare change what God had given me. I am happy with it.

Nose lift and nose surgery, or rhinoplasty were very popular nowadays. And many are still interested to have such nose surgery. Rhinoplasty, new method to make you look good. A revision rhinoplasty is the same.

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