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For a more maturity reason, how do we maintain and keep a good lasting relationship?
It's hard to keep a relationship and it's hurting when one gave up and let go the other. I know you know what I'm talking. It's hard when you're existing and everything seems to be the end.
Distance. It's actually the most common problem one encounters, may it be from love or from a mere friendship especially in teenage years. It's also one of the primary reasons why one forgets until the relationship goes back to a single hi hello relationship. It's sad but it really happens.

I hope this would not happen to me.


For a long time until now, I really feel homeless. Yes, I may have family but I don't really feel I belong. I apologize but I don't really mean to feel this way. The habitation is calm and yet I simply find it hard to come across with silence. At the moment, I already have the idea of giving up everything. Maybe it's about time to give something little for myself. When I sacrificed my identity, everything, I left nothing for myself except only the feeling of expectation that soon I will be loved [again].

I hope my presence will be recognized. I am sorry for myself because I am starting to lose many things in my life. I hope I could still rescue my dreams and made them realized. I am contented and satisfied with my sacrifices I made. Everything I have gambled – for Love, for my Happiness, for my Life. I don’t care if I loss or win because I had too much. I’ll still hold on because I knew I can’t make it alone. I am still weak.

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Abou said...

great post parekoy.