the trip

I went to Cotabato City yesterday to submit the documents and requirements that steering committee of the SOV requested. Ayel accompanied me to the one of the oldest city in Mindanao. We just went there just to leave the documents and materials needed for the evaluation of my nomination in the search for outstanding volunteers. We planned to go there early but we came late to the bus station and found out that the first trip have just departed so, we waited for another trip for an hour. The travel takes three hours and it was great but tiring. Guess what we did in the bus? We just sleep because we got bored with the trip. But our sleep was interrupted by military inspection for security. I think we stopped three (3) check points where our baggage were inspected and all men were requested to get outside the bus for check up.
When we arrived there, it was noon, and we haven’t taken our lunch yet so we went to the nearest restaurant to satisfy our stomachs. We had our lunch at Mang Gorio bahay kainan where the chocomoist, a dessert coated and filled with vanilla and chocolate, was the best. It was expensive though. After it, we went to the city proper and visited some landmarks. One can easily tell the culture of people there; the streets, walls, the buildings, the park, and the people itself reveal the difference of life in living in their place.

We walked around the city to find an internet café that offers CD burning services. I need to burn a testimony video and the softcopy of the documents t have to submit. But it seems that none of the cafés located at the center have burners except to one store located near the college according to the café owner who suggestively directs us.

So we went to the said address of the store immediately to catch up for the last trip at 3:00pm. Funny, we both don’t know the name of the college that owner was referring to and we don’t have any more time to go back and ask him of it. Consequently, Ayel and I risks going to the unknown college. We just get a trike and told the driver that we are heading to the “college”. The driver didn’t ask what college we were going to. So we presume that the college was known to them and was implied to a particular place. But on the trike, we laughed ourselves because we don’t know where we are going to. We were new to the place and we have time to race. Fortunately, we were dropped at Notre Dame University and there were internet cafes and stores which are usually seen outside of school campuses. We inquire each store one by one, and with Jesus grace, we did found the store the café’s owner told us, and it was the only one in that place I guess. And it cost 100.oo pesos to burn one CD of data files in package. And unexpectedly, I burned my own data in the CD because there was no attendant who knows how to burn files on CD. Thanks God I know how to do it and with that I got a discount for the service.

After that, we headed to the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA XII) to submit the documents. We just handed it to the security guard on duty that day because it was Sunday and there were no offices. The reason why we really needed to submit the documents was urgency. The Search committee needed the documents on Monday. So it was rushed and had to be in their office on or before the date.

God was really with us after handing over the documents to the office because we still made it to the last trip. Otherwise we will be spending a night at Cotabato and be absent to classes and work the next day which was a big NO, NO.

When we got home, a peaceful and relaxing sleep follows.

God bless us all.

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