call to volunteer

Kuya Jay fowarded a message in Yahoo! Mail, inviting all young men to be a Jesuit Volunteer of the Philippines. To volunteer and serve with heart is an all giving dedication for a one year experience of making a change to the lives of other people. In the year 2005, Kuya Jay and Joe, were the JVPs who were first assigned to the Mindanao Pathways as Youth Organizing officers. They spent their ten-month volunteer experience in helping the young leaders in South makes paths for a better Mindanao. The following year, another pair of JVPs, were assigned to Pathways. In that year, two young ladies were given the slot as Youth Organizers. They were Ate Aya and Ate Ria, they made the bridges built by the young stronger and firm. They have spent their term in Mindanao productively. This year, 2007, one one was assigned to the office, a passionate lady who volunteer her self for the same cause. Ate Kix, was that person. She was from Naga and been assigned here in Mindanao to assist us, young leaders, who continue to make a change.

I have seen their experience as Jesuit Volunteer of the Philippines, and how that experience gave joy in their hearts as they whole-heartedly share their gifts to less fortunate and in advocating change and progress.

They have invited me to join this year's batch of volunteers. I don't know yet my decision. I have a lot of things to be consider. I'll discern for it. I hope it would be my calling. And I hope I would be able to answer it. :)
Congratulations to Ayel!
Ayel's A Language We All Need to Learn made it this year WIKA 2007 Blog Writing Contest and got the Misteryosa Award winner of the Wika 2007 Blog Writing. He won a domain and hosting package. So we can access ayel's blog through this url: www.aclworld.com or www.lonelyworld.com, soon! :) Congratulations, buddy!
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