To hold and have you forever

To hold and have you forever
Though I’ve done so much mischief
The foolishness and uncontentment in life
All these caused pain in you
But still you’ve forgive me with open arms

The unconditional love you have given me
Banish these feeling of emptiness
And on my journey in life you are my star
My inspiration and my only one forever

With all these,
I want to let you know how much you mean to me
How much I appreciate your simple ways
That makes me feel loved and important

When you came into my life
You brought much joy and banished all sorrows in me
You gave light in all my directions
And gave reasons to all my actions

You touch my soul without hesitation
And allow me to see what’s important
You shared to me all your dreams
And brought much courage for whatever it seems

To live life with you is one of my dream
To feel your breath in the morning
Gives me the very reason to embrace morning sunshine
And to feel the scent of breeze with your caress

To walk life with you through ups and downs
To share unforgettable moments with you
To spend years and grow old with you
And to have and hold you forever.

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