stipend, and days to come

A Yahoo! Messenger offline message I received from Claire Quintos, the DOST-SEI XII Scholarship staff, answered my financial problem in school. The message says that I am one of the DOST scholars who successfully will receive stipend for the month of June and July. It was just right in time that I badly needed money to pay my tuition for midterm. I was very happy to have been included in the disbursement list of stipends this month. I thought that our stipends will be delayed again because that’s how government institution works today. Although, I received my stipends, I am still disappointed for I don’t have yet my refund for the last school year benefits I should have enjoyed. It was accumulated until this year and had reached to the amount of 52,000.00 pesos. I planned already to where I’ll use the money; part of it will go to my parents, and to my material wants. Anyway, I have to content my self to the stipend I received and besides my parents are still there to support me no matter what will happen. I love them very much and I owe then the person I am right but I still have to learn more things in life. I have to be stronger and be more mature.


Today is the 2nd day of August and it seems that time was fast pacing and I am left behind. I was seemly slow in catching with time and been doing a lot of things without a purpose. I am becoming disoriented of what I really wanted to do. I easily get tired of overdoing things – maybe I have not enjoyed doing it. I need motivation, peaceful mind and heart, and supportive friends.

I hope I can still cope up with the activities and important things that yet I have to do.


Six days from now, I will be turning twenty years old. Whaah! I am getting older, I am in line of two already, but I am still emotionally young and weak.

On the 7805th day of my existence on earth, I look into the following dreams and wishes I want to make real:

I wish I can face the realities of life in more open and mature manner. I hope that I will be more human that before. I wish also that God will answer the prayers of those who pray for me. [hindi halata na selfish ako, noh? Arili ko lng iniisip ko. Hehe]

Addition to the list, I wish more blessings in life, good health, and a better Philippines.

God bless us all!

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