simple questions

Does life starts at 30? Or 40? It feels like I am in this stage now. The day I turned twenty and the days after it feels like I am on my own life now. Independent. I feel the demands and the burden that life offers. The burden is getting heavier and more loads will still be carried as I continue my journey in life. I hope that this seniority I am experiencing now will be a worthwhile learning that will somehow help me grow.

Independence in nature is a strong factor to me. Though I was brought up to be independent, I still tend to be dependent on the things that cannot provide me a good direction.
Am I still afraid to face my failures? consequences? realities? or do I simply lack affirmation and acceptance?

A lot of "What If" is entering my mind right now. I have to resolve some miseries that I have started that concern my present situation. I have to learn and reflect on feedback and advices and be able to integrate it into my life.

I’ll answer these questions as soon as I find myself.

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